Triggered Trannies

These people are beyond insufferable.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggested that staff might not feel “safe” after its methodology for counting transgender people in the census was questioned, The Telegraph can disclose.

This makes them feel ‘unsafe.’ FFS! Unsafe is shivering in a foxhole somewhere in Ukraine while missiles take out your comrades. That’s fucking unsafe, not the methods used by the census to poke about where it has no business.

Senior leaders on the statistics body’s LGBTQ+ staff network voiced concern about the “impact” on trans employees after it emerged that the census may have overestimated the number of trans people because of a poorly worded question.

Impact, FFS! Talk about first world problems. The poor dears.

Last year, academics queried findings from the ONS which suggested that there were 262,000 people identifying as trans in England in the 2021 census – 0.5 per cent of the population over 16.

The figure for those whose main language was not English was 2.2 per cent, leading the academics to suspect that the question, which was being used for the first time, may have been confusing.

That’s entirely possible, however, two points – the question was voluntary, so there would have been plenty like me who didn’t answer it and secondly, the census had no business asking in the first place.

Census respondents were asked: “Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?”

There was no ‘go fuck yourself sideways’ option, so you had three options: truth, lie or ignore.

As I mentioned at the time, the last census was incredibly intrusive. I gave them name, rank and serial number, leaving the vast majority of questions unanswered, regardless of whether they were optional or not. Others went one stage further and ignored it completely – the more intrusive it becomes the more this disobedience will continue.

The statement, which was entitled “a message of support for colleagues in the LGBTQ+ community” noted the “recent media coverage of our statistics around sexual orientation and gender identity” as well as a separate review ordered by the Science Secretary Michelle Donelan to examine whether public bodies are collecting data on self-identified gender rather than biological sex.

The message went on: “Over the past few weeks, we have been speaking with trans colleagues and those in the wider LGBTQ+ community about the impact this has had on their wellbeing.

“In light of this, we want to reaffirm our commitment to providing an inclusive workplace in ONS where everyone can feel safe and can bring their full self to work.”

As well as signposting employees to services if they had been “impacted” by the situation, the message said that the LGBTQ+ & Allies chairs had been “invited to talk with senior leaders” on Trans Day of Remembrance “with the goal of sharing insights into the experiences of our trans colleagues”.

Utter fucking gibberish.


  1. This stuff is becoming really tiresome. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was just about being on the make. Ooh all those micro aggressions are crippling my mental health where’s my compo? Working for your money is so last century.

  2. Not many of us remember what the midwife told our new mum as we popped out. So the evidence (of assigned gender at birth) is pure hearsay.
    So the only possible answer would be, “I cannot remember.”

  3. I grew up surrounded by people who had experienced world wars, Spanish flu, the great depression. Afterwards, instead of in safe spaces they set about rebuilding the country better than it had ever been giving future generations opportunities, advantages and privileges their own generation could have only dreamt about. They earnt and truly deserve a day of remembrance.
    Just what exactly has any trans person done to deserve one?
    I’m sick of the pathetic self indulgent drivel that is spouted by so many people nowadays. Seems true perspective is also ‘so last century’ as well.

  4. This is why the public sector doesn’t work. Too much time for complete bollocks instead of actually delivering the service they are meant to.

  5. Note it’s the alphabet soup “network” that has objected. That is, some dysfunctional worm with a smartphone instead of a brain…

  6. ‘go fuck yourself sideways’ option … have you just identified another stripe for their rainbow flag? “Imperio-lateral-autosexual” maybe – hmm, might try that next time someone asks.

  7. “Everyone can bring their full self to work.”

    What the fuck does that mean? What has your sexuality got to do with your job? You do your job and you get paid. Whether you are hetero/homo/whatever is really neither here nor when you’re getting on with your job.

    “Trans Day of Remembrance”

    Good grief. There’s really a need for a ‘Trans Day of Remembrance’? It’s hard to forget about trannies because the tranny lobby bang on about it all the bloody time.

    • Everyone can’t bring their full self to work, though. If i expressed my personal views about a lot of things at my workplace I’d be in breach of HR rulings!

      • As I found to my cost a few years ago. Personal opinions that differ from the company stance are verboten and subject to the disciplinary process.

  8. No mention of a changing room full of women who ‘feel unsafe’ by the presence of a man wearing a frock then?

  9. Local gossip mentions a bloke, who now claims to be a woman, is being treated for prostate cancer. While sorry for him/her having this dreadful disease, can’t help but wonder what the treatment waiting room is like. Perhaps the NHS is marking it down as a hysterectomy?

  10. Every time cold hard facts investigate things, trannies are a smaller and smaller proportion of the population, yet scream louder and louder not just for acceptance, but celebration. They DEMANDED to be counted, and when they were, they were insignificant, and the more the numbers are subjected to the cold hard light of fact, they get more and more insignificant.
    Sorry, there are more trainspotters in this country than trans-folk, STFU until we get 80% of the media shoving trainspotting down our throats.

  11. Don’t worry, there won’t ever be another National Census. Apart from the impossibility of accommodating all the alphabet of ‘look at me’ types, the level and accuracy of completion is now so abysmal that any data taken from it is statistically invalid. When at least 5m ‘invisibles’ do not appear at all, then the whole data set is junk.

    • That was the aim of the non conformists. The one before last, Mrs L completed. It was, apart from our names, pretty much junk. She lied about things like how many vehicles and so on. The last one, I just didn’t answer any questions beyond my name. A critical mass of people doing that makes the resulting stats meaningless.

      • Well, the more they ask the more useless it gets. We need to get back to the single side of A4 that we had before WW2. Name, address, date of birth, place of birth, relation to head of house – one person per line, one sheet of A4. That’s all that’s needed.

        The 1951 census was the last “sensible” one, the 1961 census sprawled over two sides of paper with loads of wierd boxes, and then it just got worse and worse.

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