One Terror Group to Another

Given that they both have a propensity to murder, kidnap and maim innocent civilians, is it any surprise that Sinn Fein finds common ground with Hamas?

Northern Ireland‘s new first minister has claimed Hamas will eventually be regarded as a ‘future partner for peace’ in the Middle East.

Sinn Fein vice president Michelle O’Neill, who became the the first ever nationalist first minister last week, made the claims in an LBC interview with Andrew Marr.

She said the example of the Northern Ireland peace process showed how important dialogue was to ending the conflict.

Er, yes, except that the ‘troubles’ never really went away. They still bubble under the surface and the IRA was losing both the battle on the ground and the hearts and minds of potential followers – see that bombing of innocents thing, so yes, of course they entered into talks. They had no choice, because they were defeated and they knew it.

She my be able to forget Omagh, Birmingham and Warrington, for example, but I don’t and I don’t forget the kind of people who use such tactics. Nor was the release of criminals ever justified, let alone retrospectively trying to criminalise British veterans who fought these evil criminal scumbags (they were not soldiers, they were common, criminals and murderers). Sinn Fein may now wear a patina of respectability, but they are still the same evil as Hamas and I don’t forget this one little bit. IRA/Sinn Fein and Hamas – are the same, so of course she is going to look kindly upon them and regurgitate their vile propaganda, while trying to justify criminal activities carried out by her own kind.


  1. Northern Ireland‘s new first minister has claimed Hamas will eventually be regarded as a ‘future partner for peace’ in the Middle East.

    But not before Hamas has exterminated the Jews from the river to the sea, because that’s the only basis on which peace will be achieved with Hamas still around.

    For myself, I think the Israelis should continue turning Gaza and the West Bank into a car park. Because when there are no remaining TransJordanian Arabs cosplaying as “Palestinians”, then that should be pretty peaceful.

  2. The provisional IRA were always a bunch of mafia type criminals – controlling the crime in the North via violence. It was nothing to do with a united Ireland – just who got the largest cut of the drugs money.

    The original IRA on the other hand did have somewhat more of a justification for their actions.

  3. I have a theory on the matter. USA hasn’t won was since WW2. The way to win a war was to demoralise the enemy so totally (Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima) that every fibre in their being knew they had lost, no hope to keep fighting, not even in the future. Since then, no wars have been really won, no wars are being allowed to be won. Israel for instance.
    They could annilihate, make a potato field, out of gaza strip in 5 minutes flat, no nukes needed. But sadly they aren’t allowed to do this, so the situation will continue for decades and centuries because the Jews ain’t leaving.

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