Oh, Goody!

Russell T Davies on the BBC’s future.

Russell T Davies says the end of the BBC is “undoubtedly on its way”.

The Doctor Who showrunner, who oversaw the successful revival of the sci-fi series in the mid-2000s, warned that decline was already setting in and pointed to Disney’s involvement in the new series as evidence.

“You’ve got to look in the long term at the end of the BBC, which is undoubtedly on its way in some shape or form,” he said on the They Like To Watch podcast.

Jolly good. Bring it on. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of entitled scumbags.


  1. Russell T. helped destroy Doctor Who.
    Why the T? Can anyone think what it might stand for. Or even lie down for.

  2. If Russell T. really wants Dr Who to survive the collapse of the BBC he will have to get his head around the notion that it’s no longer financed by taxing the viewers. He will have to make it interesting enough that the viewers will want to pay for it (if only by sitting through adverts). He can do it; the early revival stuff wasn’t too bad, but what he won’t be able to do is the wall to wall wokeness it has been like more recently.

  3. The only thing that will kill it off is mass cessation of payment by us. No politician will dare to destroy it, despite its perverted, criminal, racist activities

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