I’m With Lee

Fuck Ramadmalangalonadingdon. We are not a Muslim shithole – although visitors to London might have second thoughts on that one.

Current Reform UK MP and former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Lee Anderson has criticised the decision by rail bosses to post a Ramadan message on departure boards at King’s Cross railway station.

Earlier this month, verses from the Quran were posted next to train times and other information.

One such message read: “Hadith of the day: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUM) said: “All the sons of Adam are sinners, but the best of the sinners are those who repent often.”

Following the message, former Conservative MP Mr Anderson blasted the decision to post the message on the departure boards.

Yup. Given that it is Easter, entirely inappropriate. If any messages other than train time were to be displayed a simple ‘Happy Easter,’ would have been fine. Ramming Islamic shit down our throats is not. As for the prophet Muhammad, the man was a murderous warlord who deserves no recognition, let alone veneration. May he rot in hell. So, too, the Network Rail manage who came up with this shit.

They said: “King’s Cross Station is made up of a diverse and multicultural workforce and at times of religious significance, messages such as these are displayed to celebrate the station’s diversity and inclusivity.

Bollocks. They are there to operate the rail system. That’s it.


  1. If you believe that you are a son of Adam, based on a ridiculous fairy story, you can believe that you are a sinner too and constantly apologise to your imaginary god. But keep that nonsense to yourself. What on earth is Network Rail doing involving themselves in religion? It sounds as if they might have too many staff.

  2. al JaBeeBa this morning carried a report of a proposal to fix the date of Easter to simplify scheduling school holidays. Right. I propose fixing the date of Ramadan – in August – so that Muslim pupils don’t have to arrive at school feeling hungry.

    • I read the book A Brief History Of Timekeeping by Chad Orzel. In it he explains how dates for events such as Easter were calculated before people had proper calendars and astronomy was still at a fairly basic level. Moon phases played a big part and that is why Easter moves around so much. If it does become fixed it would make sense to make it the first weekend after the spring equinox, on or around March 21st.

  3. “at times of religious significance, messages such as these are displayed to celebrate the station’s diversity and inclusivity”

    Out of interest, has anyone reported seeing any messages celebrating significant Sikh times, significant Buddhist times, and so on?

  4. After every train departure notification up on their big flipping letter notice board should be “inshallah”. Because the management are too busy being right on to be bothered running a train set.

  5. Insha allah means God willing. So now are we being told that the 3 o’clock to Norwich will only go God willing? Or the time/departure is in the lap of the gods ( that’s to include ancient Greeks and Romans trying to catch trains)

  6. This was on CB news a few weeks ago. Not Easter greetings but other words from the Quran. When they looked into it, the bosses did not know anything about it and did not agree with it. I’m wondering if some staff are doing this on their own backs.
    It should just say welcome to UK, abide by our laws and culture and we’ll all live in peace!

  7. Why on earth are the railways doing this kind of crap? Why are they appeasing and pandering to the 6.5% of the population of England and Wales (see the 2021 census) who are followers of ‘the religion of peace’? More than 93% of the population are not Muzzies, but it seems the establishment doesn’t give a damn about us.

  8. I think that I would be correct in thinking that, on average, Muslims take their religion more seriously than the average UK nominal Christian takes theirs. However, I wonder how many UK Muslims, while not as nominal as the average Christian, are nevertheless not that serious about their religion. The only Muslim that I really know well was, for several years, my daughter’s house mate, and she was about as Muslim as I am. Her parents were from Lebanon and I only know that they were rather controlling. Both of their daughters moved to South Korea to get as far away from them as possible.

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