We’re All Far Right

The Guardian is objectively far left. So far to the left, Uncle Joe would have difficulty recognising them.

Neo-Nazi and far-right agitators are exploiting Scotland’s new hate crime law to make vexatious complaints en masse in an attempt to “overwhelm” police systems.

A prominent figure in England’s white nationalist movement is among those urging followers to spam Police Scotland with anonymous online reports, the Observer has found.

The leader of a far-right group – one of several fringe organisations being assessed by the UK government under its new extremism definition – promoted a private channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram that includes a “call to action” urging members to “mass report”.

Posts in the channel instruct members to log cases of supposed “anti-white” hate, which they say includes a statement on the police force’s website that “young men aged 18-30 are most likely to commit hate crime”.

“This public targeting of a group deeply offended us and thus we will repo

Good for them. This law – like the Guardian – is evil. Spamming the police with complaints in order to make the whole thing unworkable and to highlight its absurdity – not to mention the double standards involved – is absolutely the right way to go. It is a form of peaceful activism. The Guardian is supposed to approve of activism. But apparently not. This isn’t the right sort of activism, so it’s bad, apparently.

By highlighting one apparently neo Nazi group, it ignores that a great many of the complaints will have come from people like you and I, people who care about such things as free speech and object to little tinpot dictators like Useless Yousaf making up nasty laws that are designed to create a back door blasphemy act.

“At the very least, we want to overwhelm them with reports to waste their time [so that] they eventually give up the whole system,” they wrote, adding that people could report without using their name and even if they didn’t live in Scotland.

Yup, this is the thing to do. I don’t care who is doing it, just that they are. And if the Guardian is upset, then that’s a bonus.

The first minister said he was not surprised by the deluge and that “when legislation is first introduced there can sometimes be a flurry of vexatious complaints”. But he said he was “very, very concerned” about how many were being made, adding that “people should desist because they are wasting valuable police resources and time”.

That’s the point you prick. The police should be investigating crime, not speech. If they are being overwhelmed and having their time wasted, then that is your fault and no one else’s. Still, the Guardian is on your side and supports whatever draconian measures you might bring in to restrict freedoms no matter how racist it is against white people – indeed, for them, the more anti-white, the more they like it, because muh… far right. But, then, in Guardian world, we are all far right now.

On the subject of hate – which organisations such as Hope not Hate and The Centre for Countering Digital Hate are apparently so opposed to, I’d merely point out that hate is a human emotion. You can no more legislate for it than any other human emotion. Indeed, like other human emotions it is perfectly acceptable and normal to hate. For example, I hate the evil scum that murdered innocent Israelis on October the 7th, because it was a hateful thing to do. I hate Islam with every fibre of my being, because it is a threat to my way of life – even my life itself. I hate the tosspots who try to make me lie and pretend that Desperate Dan in drag is really a woman. Hate is normal. Hate is fine, just don’t let it overwhelm the other emotions. Hate is just another survival mechanism. Oh, yeah I hate the Guardian, Useless Yousaf, Tony Blair, Sir Kneelalot, the modern Tories…


  1. The Grauniad should be encouraging its millions of readers and it’s own staff, including those in the Beeb, to join in the fun. Report these individual f, f, far right scum for Hate Crime. That will teach them.
    Even if you are a non Scottish resident you can join in the fun. And the scum you are reporting for Hate Crime does not have to live in Scotland either.
    Such larks.

  2. As if it wasn’t designed for exactly this kind of thing. By the right people, of course. How dare the peasantry stick their oars in.

  3. The only gratifying thing about this law is Police Scotland having received over 1k complaints about Useless himself because of his anti-White speech (which genuinely offended me and probably another 4,849,000 Scots).

  4. “young men aged 18-30 are most likely to commit hate crime”.

    You don’t hear of a Spite Crime Law which young women aged 18-30 are most likely to commit do you?

  5. I love the way they call out that Telegram is encrypted as though that makes it someway sinister. Without pointing out that WhatsApp and pretty much every other messaging platform also uses E2E encryption these days. Arseholes.

  6. The fun is hotting up.
    “Scottish football fans face hate crime complaints from members of the public who hear chants on TV at home, a senior lawyer has warned.

    Police Scotland, which has already received 8,000 reports since the new laws came into force last week, is facing warnings that as many as 2,000 further complaints will be made on Sunday due to the Rangers vs Celtic clash at Ibrox.

    Sectarian songs are often heard at Old Firm matches, raising fears that partisan supporters watching the game live on TV could swamp the force with new hate crime reports.”

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