Kill the Goose

That lays the golden egg.

Furious locals in Lanzarote are erecting fake ‘closed due to overcrowding’ signs at island beauty spots in a new dirty tricks campaign against holidaymakers.

The posters and stickers have appeared on the island last month and were put up by anti-tourism protesters, who wrote on social media: ‘It is time to boycott, with the tools at our disposal, the tourist activity that is expelling us from our own land.’

Lanzarote gears up for a huge protest on April 20 to stop the influx of tourists, with residents in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and La Palma also taking part in the demonstration.

‘Lanzarote has a limit’ is the motto of the call for worried residents on Lanzarote and is carried out by anonymous citizens ‘who do not represent any group or political party.’

Fine. Do it. Go ahead. Kill off 75% of your economy. Let’s see how that works out for you. I don’t care as I have no plans to visit and never will. So, be my guest, commit financial suicide.


  1. 20% is in building and construction. Probably to support the 75% that is tourism. It could end up like Morecombe. If it is lucky.

  2. I live in a small port town in the south of New Zealand. During the summer months we have many cruise ships docking for the day and literally thousands of passengers flock ashore.Most of them are bussed to the big town which is 15 kilometres away .but many stay to look round and spend time and money locally.All the people are gone by 7 o’clock and in the nine years I have lived here there has never been any reports of bad or unseemly behaviour by the visitors.
    Now suddenly ,the local environmentalists have taken it into their heads that cruise ships are a bad thing and want them all banned from New Zealand waters.Fortunately we have a new government which seems to know how many beans make five and is taking no notice of them.

  3. If the economy suffers it will be ‘because’ of a conspiracy of other people (like holiday firms or foreign governments). To people of a certain mindset pigeons never come home to roost, consequences are divorced from previous activity.

    See also Net Zero.

  4. The people of Lanzagrotty don’t know how lucky they are. If they had a Tory government they’d be made to pay for the transportation of the tourists and their accommodation and give them spending money and pay for a quick medical check up…

  5. I’m wondering if these protests are from an unrepresentative minority and that the vast majority of people there understand where their money comes from.

  6. Every country has its idiots, who cannot see the tree for the forest. All leftists who scream and moan about Gaia, sustainability et al. Thing is I got a really cheap deal and I am going there this thursday, not somewhere I would have chosen, but £150 quid for a week was too good an offer to turn down. I’ll let you know what its like, my excuse is I have never been and it I assume will be an experience lol.

  7. Although I agree that these Lanzarote locals could potentially be wrecking their economy, I believe that tourism can sometimes cause damage. For example, tourists visiting coral reefs can damage and kill the coral by touching it. And some famous monuments could be damaged over the years by millions of tourists walking through, and touching and rubbing the buildings.

  8. Tourism, particularly mass tourism, changes anywhere. The key question is, is it worth it?

    Without tourism, Lanzarote would be a barren island outcrop, dominated by black volcanic debris, with no industry, virtually no agriculture, no jobs, no decent transport links and no future, followed soon by no population.
    With tourism, some of its periphery is developed, many thousands of productive jobs exist, many local businesses are created and thrive, it is well connected to the world through major air-links.

    Tough call – not.

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