1. Fucking helski is spot on. Very soon this sort of bollox will be put on steroids – how the hell did this country sink so low?

  2. Well, we had Police threatening to arrest an “Openly Jewish” man for the crime of (presumably being “Openly Jewish”) at the site of a Pallywood protest.

    Seems like Plod can’t do anything good for foot-in-mouth syndrome.

    Maybe the “Defund the Police” mob have a point after all. It seems like spunking money away on this useless mob is a complete waste of time AND money.

  3. They seemed to be having difficulty in actually answering the perfectly straightforward question, why are you here? Lots of umming and arring and difficulty in getting their words out. Is it possible that the officers at the pointy end are just as uncomfortable with this stuff as everyone else? I would like to think so but maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist. Without mass resignations happening I don’t really have any evidence for that, just the general demeanour of the officer in question.

  4. ‘There’s a report about beliefs being expressed’

    To which I would respond, “And you just expressed a belief about beliefs being expressed, didn’t you? Should I call Plod?”.

  5. Shirley, the Jewish bloke wasn’t trying it on?
    “Having been to the synagogue, I think I’ll go for a stroll around London and, innocently, and end up where there is a large rabble of Palestinian supporters, and become upset when a Police officer tried to stop me committing suicide by walking through them.”
    The coppers words may not have been the most eloquent, but having the vocabulary of Oscar Wilde is no required for the job. He probably had the main aim of the Police, “protection of life ….” in mind and, probably, has policed other demonstrations and was aware of the dangers.
    I reckon he should be given some slack.

    • Might have been good if he’d realised that the term ‘arrest’ might be a tad inflammatory and offered to escort ” you sir, to a place of safety”, especially since his colleagues had stood by, doing nothing while some random protester was threatening the Jewish guy.

    • Who cares if he was trying it on? If a black reporter wanted to cross the road by a Tommy Robinson demo and was told by a cop that he was being provocative because he was ‘obviously black’, London would be on fire right now!

      Except we all no even the thickest cop would never say that.

      • Why have you implied here that Tommy Robinson is against blacks? He is not. He is very worried about Islam. So am I. And so should you be.

        • Oh, I am. What worries me more than the followers of Islam in the streets are the aiders and a betters of it in our institutions…

    • From what I’ve read (granted, from across the Pond) these types of protests are springing up all over, and it’s getting harder to avoid them. They do seem more ubiquitous here in the US as well, but my perceptions could be wrong. Although being Openly Jewish While On Campus will get you in trouble here too, even if you are a student and have been since before Oct. 7.

      In both countries though, there does seem to be a clear delineation of who is allowed to speak and act inflammatorily, and who is not.

  6. I understand that the full video, not just the bit that the ‘impartial’ media has shown, really does imply that the openly Jewish bloke really was trying it on, attempting to provoke a situation which would show he was a victim of anti-semitism.
    Perhaps Julia, and the othets, would now like to apologise.

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