Those who demand should always be told to fuck off.

Pro-Gaza activists have dramatically issued a list of 18 demands to Sir Keir Starmer and threatened to withhold their support at the next general election if he does not fulfil them.

The Muslim Vote has called for the Labour leader to promise to cut military ties with Israel, allow followers of Islam to pray in school and stop people with the name ‘Muhammad’ being charged more for insurance should he become prime minister.

It has also demanded a law that criminalises spiritual and religious leaders from instructing their congregation how to vote is scrapped and wants seven per cent of public sector pensions to be invested into ‘ethical and Islamic funds’.

The group, which has vowed to ‘punish’ MPs who it sees as not being supportive of Palestine by mobilising the four million Muslim voters in the UK, said it would only consider backing the Labour leader if Sir Keir caved in to their demands.

I have two thoughts on this. On the one hand, they need to be told where to get off. On the other, if they follow through and cost Labour votes, then overall it will damage Sir Kneelalot, which isn’t such a bad thing. In the short term, at least. Ultimately, Islam needs to be driven into the sea by a new El Cid.

Many of those elected made the conflict in the Middle East part of their campaign, with some wearing rosettes in the colours of the Palestinian flag while others dedicated their victories to the people of Gaza, including one Green councillor who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ after winning.

This is a problem. An election in the UK has nothing to do with a foreign conflict.

It has raised fears in some quarters that it is a sign of things to come, with regional votes being determined based on overseas conflicts and foreign policy, rather than local issues.



  1. No protest over six hours at a time.

    No blocking the King’s highway or denying the public the use of public spaces.

    No protest about foreign issues.

    No overseas money in support of protest, with the ability of protesters to report foreign money without fear of punishment which would be sanctions on the funder.

  2. Well these disgusting, primeval, howling, stone age savages could not be clearer in their arrogance and presumption.

    Perfect fit with der sturmer, and I’m sure it will trouble him deep into the night, unlike the concerns of the overwhelming majority.

    I’ll be watching with interest.

    Of course, the Pavlovian response will be to simply pretend that nothing was said, but in an actual election, this will be problematical.

    I would actually like to see a piece of islamofilth in the house of whores, where the laws of libel don’t apply (they don’t outside for these creatures of course), but where they would not be able to brush it under the carpet.

  3. A set of demands sent by X (Twitter)? A set of demands to reintroduce Religion into our (mostly) secular society? I don’t think so.

    Any grovelling before religious interference would open up a whole can of worms… Northern Ireland and Scotland erupt into sectarian conflict? Some Christian sects call for the ban of teaching of Evolution and the repel of abortion laws? No shopping on a Sunday?

    Starmers whole Unique Selling Point is not to stir up debate or dissent. Pandering to this sort of thing *will* stir up dissent.

  4. You know full well this story will be shelved until Labour win. Then the left-wing vermin will capitulate as they always do to vocal minorities.

  5. I will refuse to vote for Labour, unless:
    Hava Nagila is played before every mosque service;
    A personal promise that council tax will not be replaced with Jizya;
    Anyone publicly protesting against Israeli action in Gaza, he made to write out a hundred lines that Hamas started it;
    Anyone who is not Palestinian, and wearing that stupid scarf over their face, be made to wear a Star of David in the interests of diversity;and,
    Angela Rayner pays her due taxes.
    I have no doubt that Labour Central Office will take these demands seriously.

  6. If they don’t wish to assimilate into British society they need to move to one of their hellhole countries. They should not allowed to dictate rules in their host country.

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