We Know

And we aren’t stupid. But Rishi seems to think that we are.

Rishi Sunak warned today that Brits might not ‘ever’ be able to get Labour out of power if they win the election

Scare tactics work so well, don’t they? Most of us are resigned to the fact that Labour will form a government come what may. That this has happened is not down to us, it is down to an abject failure of the Tories to make the most of their time in office. They’ve had fourteen years and squandered them. Given that Starmer’s mob will simply be more of the same but worse doesn’t scare me and it isn’t a convincing argument to vote for Sunak’s mob either. For the first time in a long time, the ballot paper offers me a genuine choice to vote for a party that I want to win. That they won’t isn’t an issue, I can vote positively, not negatively. I fully intend to do so.

Mr Sunak conceded that voters were ‘frustrated’, but insisted he had ‘heard’ the criticism – and cautioned that sending the government a ‘message’ on polling day could be disastrous.

Standard politician bullshit. Yes, we are frustrated. We have been frustrated for years and the message has gone unheeded. So now it’s time to force that message home good and hard. And if that lets Starmer in, so be it. Sunak and his predecessors had fourteen years to heed the message and behave like a proper Conservative government. Trying to scare me into voting them back in for more of the same won’t cut it.

‘I know you want to send us a message, but this is not a by-election. It will determine who governs our country for the next five years and potentially much longer.

Yes, we know and whose fault is that?

‘Once they have got power they will change every rule to make sure that they keep it. We can’t let that happen, friends, and it’s only we Conservatives who can stop it.’

You’ve had fourteen years to do that. Too late now.

Urging voters to give the Tories another term after 14 years in power, Mr Sunak said:  ‘Do not let Labour waltz into office without scrutinising them, without seeing what their policies would mean for our country and your family’s security. Do you really know what you are going to get with Labour?’

Yes. The same shit we’ve had from you.


  1. “Mr Sunak conceded that voters were ‘frustrated’, but insisted he had ‘heard’ the criticism…”

    Only when there is an election imminent is this now an issue? I know that we are shit but vote for us anyway because Labour would be worse? Well reform maybe a leap in the dark but they are not Labour and they are not CINO* either so the logic of voting for you because you’re not Labour applies to them too.

    *Conservative in name only.

    • Firstly Reform are the only opposition to the current status quo and they get my vote on those grounds alone.
      Secondly, having helped tear a new arsehole for the Tories at this election l’ll be looking to help tear a new one for Labour at the following one because l just know they won’t be able to resist the temptation to be complete idiots.
      In the meantime l’m not interested in anything either party have to say because both fully intend to shaft this country.
      Oh,and did l say – a plague on both their houses.

    • There is nothing that the modern ‘conservative party’ could do now that would make me vote for them. Even if they were to load a Royal Air Force jet full of false asylum seekers and point it towards Africa, I know full well as soon as they were re-elected they’d be sending them all first class BA tickets back here.

  2. Even if Labour are much worse and turn the country into a nightmare, I’ll just move.
    Iirc, you’re seeing an Ukrainian lass?
    Might be preferable to move there instead off here.
    I’ll be going to that part of the world as well cos of where my wife is from.

    Says something when moving to an active war zone is preferable to staying here…

    • Iirc, you’re seeing an Ukrainian lass?
      Might be preferable to move there instead off here.

      I am. However, moving to a war zone might be a bit too much for me. Like others, I am looking forward to Nige ripping that vacuous jerk a new one in the House.

  3. Yes I want to punish the Conservatives for being useless, but I also want to avoid rewarding Labour for being useless in Opposition. So I guess there will be a lot of votes going to other parties. Lib Dems are also useless, but may gain seats in certain constituencies as being ‘less useless’ than the rest.

    But I hope Reform will win enough seats (and it need not be many) to be a thorn in the ‘winning’ party’s side, especially if there’s only a small overall majority or a hung Parliament. Reform exposing the connivance between politicians and the Civil Service would be a good start.

    Look out for strange electoral count events.

    • You’ve saved me writing exactly the same, DJ! Thank you!

      I still remember Nigel Farage being the most vociferous and positive British member of the EU, and making people listen, and, even with the seven plus Reform seats, he’ll make a huge difference in the HoC, especially against the numerous Labour lightweights.

  4. I look forward to hearing Nigel Farage letting rip in House of Commons as he did in the European Parliament. It is long past time that the failings of both parties were exposed to real criticism.

  5. I’m speculating that Reform will win between 20 and 50 seats. First w must remember 2016. The polls were wrong because their methodology only wotks on traditional elections. So a lot of people may be lying to them by saying they are undecided rather than admit support for Reform. Second the collapse of the tories gices ‘permission’ to vote agaunst them because it’s a wasted vote. Reform will get the benefit and where the maths works out support in the 25% range will give wins. They’ll go into parliament with a decent number. If it’s too many, of course, it’ll be a problem.

    The next step would be that the candidates in future will be unprincipled carpetbaggers. You can’t be successful and keep your integrity. They’ll end up like the tories.

    • I suspect that you are being over optimistic. I expect a lot of second places with a few seats. As for your final point – indeed. It is the nature of the beast. Politics always corrupts.

  6. The problem with a big gain, whatever the party, is that candidates standing in not-a-chance places will get elected, but are unlikely to be up to the job. It will be a problem for Labour, they already have more than enough loons and rogues. Maybe less of a problem for Reform, just being there to put cat among pigeons will be a result.

  7. I commend you for once again for watching listening to or reading anything from the traitorous bastards, i can’t do it and daren’t let the mrs see/listen or brickedtellysRus.

    Its decades too late but at last those of conservative views (and the genuine working class who are also patriotic conservative by nature even if they voted Labour when it represented them) have a party we can get behind.

    The Covid scam i am sure has woken many of the asleep from their slumber, how many has it dawned on that if they lied to us about that and the corruption involved what else has been a lie and for how many decades do we go back.

    Please let it happen.

  8. We’ve had the same Blairite communitarian shite for the last 27 years (arguably longer; Major was basically the warm-up act), so what’s new?

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