For telling the truth.

Lee Anderson has been stripped of the Conservative whip after refusing to apologise for remarks about Sadiq Khan on GB News that the London mayor described as “Islamophobic, anti-Muslim and racist”.

The MP for Ashfield’s comments on Friday night caused widespread outrage, and Khan accused the former Tory deputy chair on Saturday of “pouring fuel on the fire of anti-Muslim hatred”.

Former Conservative cabinet ministers and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) joined the opposition in lambasting the remarks.An hour after Khan’s response on Saturday, the Conservative chief whip, Simon Hart, suspended the whip. Anderson will now sit as an independent.

A spokesperson for Hart said: “Following his refusal to apologise for comments made yesterday, the chief whip has suspended the Conservative whip from Lee Anderson MP.”

Anderson, who resigned as Tory deputy chair last month in order to rebel against Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda bill, had told GB News Khan had “given our capital city away to his mates”.

“I don’t actually believe that the Islamists have got control of our country, but what I do believe is they’ve got control of Khan, and they’ve got control of London,” he said.

What he said is objectively true. Are we, or are we not seeing repeated mass marches of Islamists demanding genocide of the Jews? Yup, we are. As for Islamophobia, there’s no such thing. A dislike of Islam is entirely justified given the evidence. It is certainly not irrational. As for being anti-Muslim, fair enough. Again, given what we are seeing, I’m with him all the way. I am anti-Muslim and not ashamed to say so. Islam is a murderous cult, a barbaric ideology rooted in the dark ages. As for racism, oh give over. Being anti-Muslim is no more racist than being anti-Christian. These things are belief systems and are shared by various races, so go fuck yourself Sad IQ Khant.

Dodds said: “The suggestion that Lee Anderson would have retained the confidence of the prime minister, simply if he apologised, is deeply concerning.”

“These views are wrong, full stop, and there shouldn’t be conditions on removing them from your party,” she added.

No. They are not wrong. They are valid, evidence based and reasonable. But, yeah, dare to object to the current orthodoxy and you are ‘wrong, full stop.’ Oh, do go fuck yourself. Good for Anderson for refusing to apologise, though.

What is disturbing is that the Tories have finally disappeared into the well of dhimmitude.

So, are we taking bets on Anderson crossing the floor and joining Reform? Any takers?


  1. Let the Wookiie win. Wish I’d been counting the whole time, we must be up to thousands of instances now.

  2. I hope he does join Reform, along with many other like-minded MPs, councillors etc.
    If enough folk read the Reform tax manifesto/contract published today, there’s plenty in it to attract those millions of ordinary voters disaffected with/abandoned by the mainstream parties.
    OK, it’s a bit thin on how it could be afforded, what savings would be needed, but the starting principle looks good – don’t take more money from ordinary folk than you really need to. Now that’s refreshing.
    As for Khan, if Londoners keep voting that crook in, they deserve all they get, just keep it in London and we’ll keep out of it.

    • “If Londoners keep voting that crook in…”

      Worth considering, perhaps, that at the last general election, 21% of the valid votes cast were postal. I can’t find any specific data for the London Mayoral elections, but I did find a reference to Khan encouraging people to vote by post.

      While official sources cite the low number of successful prosecutions for postal vote fraud as proof of the integrity of the system, anecdotal evidence (including a hard-hitting article at Politics Hime by Steve Baker MP) suggests that there is extensive abuse of postal votes, particularly in urban areas.

    • Reform should not accept him as a member. In the recent past he has insulted Reform. If they were to accept him the MSM would repeatedly publish his insulting words, at a time they think would do maximum damage.

    • “…OK, it’s a bit thin on how it could be afforded…”

      Going into too much detail is going to alienate people who rely on government largesse for their jobs. The fact that life went on pretty well during the lockdowns despite most of the public sector being closed down gives food for thought.

      • They wouldn’t vote for a ‘far right’ party anyway. What they really need to do is get the word out to the rank and file who are being royally shafted by the government.

  3. For islamofilth it’s degenerate stone age savagery uber alles.

    Churchill once famously said that if Hitler invaded hell he would look favourably on the devil.

    I feel pretty much the same way about pislam. I will look favourably on ANYBODY who does it harm anywhere at any time bu ANY means.

    There is no deception, outright lie, hypocrisy, backstabbing etc etc that this vile creed does not permit its cancer cells.

    If you don’t know this, or refuse to believe it, you are part of the problem.

    As far as Lee Anderson and reform, the decision has basically been made for him.

    Question is, will he realise it?

    The blob can shut down open discussion of islamofilth and the howling zombie sewer of “soshul meeja” can make enough noise to drown out any voices it can’t.

    But poll after poll shows that mass immigration is an issue – a hugely non – trivial issue, and not just in this country.

    And we all know what is at the heart of that concern.

  4. It wasn’t me that forst said it , but there is no harm in saying it again and particularly making it clear to anyone who holds favourable or neutral views towards Islam:

    If the ideas of Islam were put forward by middle-aged white men it would be a banned organisation.


    I am what is now called an Islamophobe. Anyone who is not an Islamophobe is likely to be a racist; they are tolerating the vile and vicious ideas because it is mostly brown people who hold them.

  5. I am annoyed about the use of the word phobia which means fear of, the correct use in many cases is Misia, I will try to copy a definition and examples from Google

    Misia, not phobia!
    The same language that gave us the word “phobia”, Greek, also gives us another word we can use to describe hate-fuelled behaviours. This word is “misia”, which, as you probably worked out already, means hatred.

    This is why we ask you to pledge today to start using the right language to describe hatred!

    What we called “homophobia” should really be called “homomisia”; what we called “transphobia” is in fact “transmisia”; “Islamophobia” is in fact “Islamomisia”; “xenophobia” is “xenomisia”.

    • On the whole, my feelings are of disgust rather than hate or fear. That said, I do have a fear for what will happen to this country under an Islamic takeover.

  6. Driving around Bradford or Dewsbury is cheaper than a holiday to Pakistan and you get to experience the same culture (the awful smell and crapping in the streets).

    Of course, no one with a full mental capacity would dream of vacationing in Pakistan so the value of this possibility is extremely low.

  7. @MissChips
    “…Steve Baker MP) suggests that there is extensive abuse of postal votes, particularly in urban areas.”
    For ‘urban’ read ‘Moslem’. (Copy Ed.)

  8. Since females under Islam are the property of a male (either their father or husband) then a postal voting means that the votes generated by that house* are controlled by the head of the household. In other words, one man, many votes.

    * I’m reminded of the old joke “How many people live in a house occupied by Pakistanis? Count the windows and multiply by five”.

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