No, It Isn’t.

Mr Cameron said it was “worth having a proper look at this issue“.

Sigh… No. It. Is. Not. If people want to waste their money on games of chance, that is up to them, not politicians. If people get addicted, well, that is their problem, not politicians’.

He was responding to a question from Labour MP Tom Watson, who said the “addictive” machines had transformed the “local bookies” into “High Street digital casinos”.

He called on the government to follow Ireland’s example by banning them.

Yes, well, Mr Watson comes from a party with a long history of nasty little bansturbators who think that it is their concern how others live their lives, and just because the Irish have passed an illiberal law banning something it does not follow that we should. The correct answer to Watson’s question would have been to tell him to fuck himself royally with the rough end of a pineapple and keep pushing until he gets the message that what people do with their lives and their money is none of his damned business.

Fuck, me but I hate these vile little shits.


  1. XX Labour MP Tom Watson, who said the “addictive” machines had transformed the “local bookies” into “High Street digital casinos”.XX

    Was it not his wee party of imbicilic mother fucking apes that “de-regulated” the gambling laws in the first place (“Super cassinos” springs to mind)?

  2. Is this the same Labour party that touted the Super Casinos, despite many concerns over the increase in gambling addiction, went ahead and filled loads of cities with gambling 24/7?
    Or is this a different Labour one that actually never had any hand in any of the above….Fucking hypocrites. oops sorry.
    I agree with you LR if people want to waste money gambling on fruit machines, the lottery, baccarat, poker, or whatever their personal preference thats up to them, the government wanted all the revenue from the new gambling laws without so much as a backward glance, same as with smoking and drinking, until it suited them to keep the left satisfied and look like they are pandering to the dogooders then they are up in arms looking for more bans and more ridiculous legislation, whilst still getting the tax from all the addicts so they are laughing because they know people will always be addicted to alcohol, gambling, fags, and every other thing mankind can be addicted to, so they can tut tut all they want and they can look at things and set up more quangos to study these stupid things , but ultimately it’s all caused by them in the first place and all paid for by us.
    F U C K T H E M. appologies for the language to any who are looking to be offended 😉
    PS I really should read others comments before ranting off on one. But this bull makes me so angry grrrrrr

  3. I think Watson escaped lightly. Only a few years ago Harriet Harman was welding Labour’s policies for urban regeneration of inner cities to a “need” for Super Casinos in all our cities.

    Remember that Tom? Thought not.

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