Apparently, calling a general election is the same thing as a coup. Only in the la la land of the Guardian could a bloody seizure of power by force be likened to calling an election where the demos get to vote. Of course, they realise that the demos will, likely as not, resoundingly reject the hard left agenda of the Corbynista Labour party. However, for the past year, these very same people have been whining like a jet engine about an unelected prime minister without a mandate – never mind that we do not elect prime ministers, for ours is a parliamentary democracy. Now, that “unelected” prime minister has decided to call an election in order to obtain a mandate and that is somehow undemocratic?

Jesus! No wonder sane, rational people look upon the Guardianista with utter contempt.

Remember 1931, the last Tory attempt to expel Labour from power for a generation. Labour won 28% of the vote, but just 52 seats. Don’t let it happen again.

Oh, I dunno… Sounds just dandy to me. I don’t like the Tories; authoritarian scumbags, they are, but compared to Labour, they are paragons of virtue. The LibDems aren’t even worth a mention…


  1. If what’s been said about other elections are true then we shall have to expect “the Russians” to try to influence the result. I feel they’d prefer a strong Tory administration to negotiate a good exit from the EU that would go along with their long term goal of whittling it down to a manageable size.

    Against them I do believe there will be a degree of “nudging” from the EU. They – of course – do tend to favour liberal socialist policies, so they’re unlikely to give Ms. May a helping hand.

    And let’s not forget the “personal chemistry” between President Trump and Ms. May, so perhaps a few nods in the direction of her party.

    But Mr. Soros has a somewhat different view of things and no he won’t want another 5 years of Conservatism, so he’ll pump money into anything that may result in an anti-Tory coalition. Meaning even the Greens and the SNP are likely to get a leg up from his “not for profit” organisations.

    And Blair, well he’s got his own NFP outfit, so I do hope he and Madelson do their level best to “help” Mr. Corbyn.

    But if you feel the Guardian’s biased you really should pop over to the Independent. They whinge Ms. May was early with her announcement and she should have spent the time to apply lots of hair spray. Banal, juvenile and written by a bloke.

  2. “This just proves that Theresa May is acting in her own political interests and not the interests of the wider UK” – Nicola Sturgeon

    Yes she actually said that tonight, duplicitous, lying little shit of a woman.

  3. Yup, only in the Left’s La La Land is a general election regarded as a coup. What the left really hate is when the people vote in a way opposite to what the Left want. No doubt after May wins, we’ll be told that we didn’t know what we were voting for, or didn’t understand all the facets, or whatever. Then we’ll be branded as stupid, thick, racist and xenophobic. With that odious reptile Bliar calling for anti-Brexit candidates to be selectedm I don’t see how May can lose. Bliar will merely apply the reverse Midas touch; but he’s so arrogant that the can’t see it.

    • I agree. That happened in the referendum when Obama, Lagarde, et al told us how to vote. We defied them. Blair is a wonderful asset for May and the Conservatives with his asinine ideas which are also anti democracy.

  4. The SNP are accusing Mrs May of not sticking to the fixed term law regarding elections. Now that law says if she gets 66.6% of the vote in parliament she can call an election. So she is sticking to it. These were the same people saying she had no mandate as her government had not been elected as a government. But again she was sticking to the fixed term rule. I really worry that these people who seek office to rule us and get elected too, are simply not bright enough to exercise this office. They are not the best or most intelligent at all. If their stupidity is pointed out to them, they bluster and repeat the invalid point or points again and again. This smacks of insanity.

    • “I really worry that these people who seek office to rule us and get elected too, are simply not bright enough to exercise this office.”

      Well, someone has had the bright idea of a scrappage scheme to get all those nasty diesel cars off the road. The ones that people bought because taxes were rigged to make them a more attractive bet financially. Nobody has actually thought to check whether air quality is actually getting worse or whether it has done nothing put improve for decades.

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