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Apparently people are willing to pay more in tax…

Most people are happy to pay more tax to fund a pay rise for paramedics, firefighters, nurses and the police, exclusive research for The Independent has revealed.

Who are these people? And why are they not writing cheques to HMRC and putting their money where their mouths are? Well?

When asked the question: “Would you be willing to pay more in tax to fund a pay rise, above 1 per cent, only for so-called ‘blue light’ public sector occupations, such as firefighters, polices officers, paramedics and nurses?”, only 28 per cent of respondents said no.

No. Non. Nein. Niet. Fuck off! The state already takes far too much of my money in tax already. Stop pissing it up the wall and then you can come back with the question. The answer will remain the same, though.

An overwhelming majority of all voters – 69 per cent to 16 per cent – said the harsh pay restrictions should end for all public sector workers.

I work in the private sector. My real earnings have fallen. Why should the public sector – whom I pay for – not share the pain?


  1. Mmm. Not so sure. I think that if we’re honest, what the respondents really wanted was for someone else to pay higher taxes to pay for public sector pay rises.

  2. I keep saying that the government should implement a shadow tax system, with higher rates for everything, that is entirely voluntary, but once you sign up you have to pay them for say the length of the current parliament. Then whenever some demands higher taxes, point at it and say ‘knock yourself out, sign up if you want to pay more taxes’.

    In this day and age of IT its a a simple thing to implement. It would stop all this ‘I’m prepared to pay higher taxes for the nurses b*ll*cks’ because the first thing you’d ask is ‘Are you paying the higher rates personally already then?’ And 99% of the time the answer would be no. I’d make the register of people who have signed up public too, so they can signal their virtue to the world, plus we could see who the hypocrites are – I wonder how many well paid media luvvies would sign up? We’d undoubtedly hear a lot less from the likes of Lily Allen et al, which makes it a no brainer on those grounds alone.

    • An excellent suggestion mon brave and i commend it to the house.

      Jacob Rees-Mogg gave the answer in QT last week, take the funds from the foreign aid scam.
      I suggest only to use foreign aid funds for emergencies, those emergencies that were not able to be predicted by the average man on the Clapham Omnibus, ie doubling trebling or quadrupling your population when you couldn’t manage to provide for the original number is not unforseen circumstance, a blithering idiot could tell you what would happen.

      I’m sure between the luvvies and virtue signalling celebs and other famous sects, they’d be happy to make up the difference so our fabled nurses and vanished coppers could have a decent pay increase.

    • Or how about, you vote for a party that promises higher taxes and if that party is elected, it implements those taxes?

  3. I’m not surprised. Most people have a very poor understanding of percentages so if you ask the right question you can get any answer you want:
    Question: “Would you be willing to pay an extra penny in the pound income tax to … (e.g.) save the gay whales?”
    Thinks: Hmmm… a penny, that’s not very much is it? Answer: “Yes, I suppose so.”
    Alternatively: “The government takes £20 out of every £100 you earn in income tax, would you like to pay some more?”
    I wonder what the answer would be.

    • An alternative way of looking at it would be this. Do you want your kid taught mathematics by someone who understands the subject? I assume , yes. But your school is unable to hire a teacher who knows maths because anyone who is a good mathematician can be paid more for less work in another career and there’s no money for experts, this being Brexshitopia. So you kid is taught by an RE teacher who got a grade D in GCSE mathematics.

  4. I’m with Longrider on this one. The thieving scumbags twats already take too much of my hard-earned money of me already, it’s bleedin’ legalised theft.

  5. ” My real earnings have fallen. Why should the public sector – whom I pay for – not share the pain?”

    Is it difficult to find staff to do what you do? I work in the private sector. My wages have gone up. I guess it all depends on market forces. Given the staff shortages across a number of front line public services, pay needs to go up if the voters want to see those shortages go away or be reduced.

    • Would you apply similar logic to MP’s pay? There never seems to be a shortage of applicants for the job, surely the pay is too high.

      • You’re wasting your time. Stephen doesn’t come here to discuss, he simply spews boilerplate leftist bullshit then departs. I don’t bother to engage with him these days.

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