It Would Take a Heart of Stone

Not to laugh.

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion has been denounced by his own movement after describing the Holocaust as “just another f***ery in human history”.

And, of course, people are lining up to get offended. Now, ordinarily, I’d point out that he has a point. I’d point out that this is merely freedom of speech. I’d also point out that it seems the holocaust has become fetishised in certain quarters.

Yes, ordinarily, I’d do all of these things. However, while I do defend his right to say these things, there are consequences and being condemned and made unwelcome by the nasty little cult he co-founded is just fine and dandy with me. Having also used his right to express himself to hold the rest of us to ransom, any sympathy I may have had for this piece of shit has evaporated.

let the enemies fight among themselves until they are tired, then pick up pieces later.

Sun Tzu

Just sayin’.


  1. One of the most significant things about the Holocaust was that it happened many years after the enlightenment. Before then, massacres and acts of genocide were far more common and only important to the people that they happened to. So, in the context of human history, he more or less has it right. However, I agree with you, hoist by his own petard. People who are against the principle of free speech are in no position to complain are they?

  2. The reason he made this comment about the holocaust rather than the holodomor or the rape of Nanking is because, as you point out LR, the last have not been fetishised and as a resultt are rarely mentioned.

    The list is long, from the sack of Carthage (as good a place to start as any) to Pol Pot and I’m sure (South Africa, Africa generally) the book is far from closed.

    That said, sympathy for this grotesque, infantilised little wankstain is simply beyond my comprehension.

    I find it hard to believe that a debased cult that would happily see 6 BILLION die, cares tuppence about six million. I suspect the real ire directed at this creature is for lifting the rock. They have have infinite hate and I’m sure they can spare some for him.

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