Oh, Well….

That was the week that was.

On the 30th of November, I went in for a cystoscopy. The plan is to have prostatic arterial embolisation to shrink the prostate. Last Saturday evening, I started bleeding and went into urinary retention. At four in the morning, I was in an ambulance on the way to A&E. I’ve spent the best part of a week in hospital having my bladder washed out to get rid of the clot. I could regale you with stories of increasingly sized catheters, but I’ll leave it to your imagination.

So… I didn’t vote. Nevertheless, my Conservative MP was returned with a slight increase in the vote. Going by the howling and rending of garments, many on the left still don’t get it. I see complaints about the voting system – however a different one would have returned a broadly similar result – and the same mantra that followed the 2016 election: That the electorate were lied to and were gullible, that they are racists, xenophobes, ignorant and stupid because they didn’t do what their London-centric masters and betters told them to do. And, of course, the usual suspects are adding up the losing votes in order to claim that Johnson didn’t really win…

What is delightful here is the red pilling of the Guardinaista who genuinely thought that their hard left, borderline communist mantras are reflected in the country as a whole. That blue map tells a different story.

They still don’t get it. They really don’t. Spend three and a half years disenfranchising half the voter base, insulting them because they don’t agree with you, bribing them with their own money and shouting at them when they see through the bribe, well, blow-back is an inevitability.

This result was predictable – its been predictable for a while. Half the electorate has seethed in impotent silence for three and a half years. They have been joined by remain voting people who were similarly dismayed by the antidemocratic shenanigans of the last parliament and the dismal whining and screeching of the bad losers (looking at you, Gina Miller – Ed).

The only issue that was up for debate was the size of the majority. Overall, Thursday night was a good result and seeing the nasty anti-democrats being shown the door was a pleasure to behold. The losers have an opportunity to reflect and learn. I won’t be holding my breath though.


  1. LR, sorry to hear about your medical troubles. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Long time reader, and seldom commenter, Andy

  2. Hope that you are soon on the mend LR. I live in a safe Tory seat so I spoiled the ballot paper. Had I lived in a marginal I would have been forced to vote Conservative to keep Corbyn out. I still find it hard to deal with the fact that there are so many people who are so detached from reality that they still vote Labour when doing so actually means voting Communist. I too have found the final result entertaining, I don’t support the Tories but I despise the greens, the Lib-Dems and Labour so seeing them crushed has been fun.

  3. Oh, really sorry to hear this! You’ve been through the war!

    But…you’re doing better than Corbyn, so there’s that .. 🙂

    Get well soon

  4. The British electorate always reject extremist policies and extremist political parties. Labour was verging on the communist and the bribes were obvious. Of course everyone knew that the electorate would have to pay for them. Does Labour think we are really that stupid? Until they become centre left with sensible policies they will remain in permanent opposition. They must drive out the commies as they did militant tendency, get rid of Corbyn and all vestiges of momentum or just split. Otherwise they are a waste of time.

  5. The losers have an opportunity to reflect and learn. I won’t be holding my breath though

    As you’ve no doubt seen, the angry mobs are already marching down the streets holding banners proclaiming “Not My PM”. The left aren’t going down without a fight, as we can see from events in the US.

    I hope your medical situation improves speedily.

  6. “The losers have an opportunity to reflect and learn.”
    As my former assistant was fond of saying – “You can’t educate pork”.

  7. “the angry mobs are already marching down the streets holding banners proclaiming “Not My PM”.”

    The left don’t seem to be that good at handling reality do they? If they are UK citizens then Boris is their PM and that is a fact no matter how much it irks them. How stupid is protesting the result of an election anyway. What do they expect to achieve? Are we going to ignore the result and let Jeremy pretend that he won?

    • Well, like every German discovered by the Allies in 1945, I can say I didn’t vote for the Jew haters, but unlike them I can know I am telling the truth.

      The English electorate saved the appalling Sturgeon and Swinson. History would not have been kind to the minority party leaders who put the minority of Jew burners into power.

  8. Hope you recover quickly LR. Prostate problems are a nightmare.

    As for the extreme left… They won’t reflect. They’re too arrogant and pig thick to do that.

  9. Get well soon, those pigs won’t learn to sing all by themselves.

    Will you join me in calling for a people’s election because the thick racists didn’t understand what they were voting for.

    By the way, do you think the Tories will get round to selling off our “envy of the world” NHS this time? According to Labour they’ve wanted to do it for the last 70 years but haven’t managed it yet, useless gits. 😉

  10. From this side of the pond I’ve been watching proceedings with slack jawed amusement. The remainers lost big time and all they do is sink ever deeper into their delusions. Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    Good luck with the treatment. Speedy recovery.

  11. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, LR.

    One of the nice things about being in Aus, is that you can sit and watch the results roll in during the day and crack a bottle of champers when it’s all done. It was a shame that we didn’t see Sara Wollaston’s or Anna Soubry’s results announcemed, but it was good to see Chuka and Swinson get theirs.

  12. Hope you have a speedy recovery, prostate problems are a pain in the…..(fill in the blank yourself) 😉
    Have been watching the election from here in N.Z.
    I’ve lived here too long to vote in the U.K. Great to see Corbyn get his just desserts as well as the likes of sourfaced Soubry!

    One of the pictures on the Daily Mail website showed the protesters, with one holding a smoke cannister, I thought those were illegal over there?
    Someone should have photoshopped the bugger holding a teddy bear instead 🙂

  13. Having lived under many shades of government, most of whom were not my choice, I fail to understand the childish tantrums of the left. It’s as if democracy is only acceptable if “your side” wins.
    So, kick & scream, “Not fair!” as much as you wish (whilst sucking on a water bottle teat), you ignorant, immature, pathetic child-adults! But understand that your views are minority ones…

  14. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

    And no, the Corbynites won’t change in the short term*, it would mean admitting not only that they were wrong but that their entire world view is flawed.

    * The younger ones might eventually grow up and wake up one day to recognize with a shock that they have been drifting away from being a true believer for some time but have only just realized it.

  15. Nothing to add to the obvious other than my schadenfreude is brimming over! Look after yourself and get well soon. Have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

  16. A problem with the NHS is that when Labour were last in they sold them off to private firms. Now a big cost to the NHS is the high rents they pay on the hospitals they use! Hope the state keep a grip on the new ones promised.

    Let’s hope this parliament keeps its promises to the people as with that kind of majority they can do great things.

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