By Their Deeds…

Shall ye know them.

Speaking in the European Parliament, the Belgian MEP claimed Strasbourg’s  “consent” necessary for the first stage of  to be completed will not be as straightforward as people think. Mr Verhofstadt urged his MEP colleagues to deny such consent to the British Parliament when it will come to rectify Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement unless the Prime Minister gives legal assurances to EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the continent.

Given that this is already a given and no one has ever suggested that they be thrown out, there’s no reason to even raise it again. But the idea that Guy Verhofstadt thinks that he can tell us what to do epitomises the sheer overweening arrogance, effrontery and narcissism of the man. It lays bare for all to see what we are dealing with. A nasty wannabe dictator (with ambitions of imperialism), a petty tin pot despot who pours scorn over the demos in open contempt. We do not need his permission to do anything and if anyone has any vague questions about why I voted to leave, Guy Verhofstadt just summed it up. This deeply anti-democratic demagogue is the EU personified, a self-serving bureaucratic elite that despises the people trapped under its rule and woe betide any of them who dare to rebel. This is why I voted to leave!

What a vile, nasty, excrescent little man with his delusions of relevance and mediocrity.

Never citizens, British or European, can be the victim of this – in my opinion – not very intelligent choice of Brexit.

Oh, fuck off you obnoxious cunt. Really, you bombastic, scurrilous shit-weasel. How dare you presume to call people stupid because they dared to vote in a manner that you dislike. How dare you! Go fuck yourself! I voted to leave precisely because I have the intelligence to see you for what you are and I abhor it. I abhor you and everything you stand for.

For the avoidance of any doubt, I don’t much like the EU and the bureaucrats contained therein.


  1. You should be a diplomat LR. The thing is, people like him must be cacking themselves right now. If the UK leaves and makes a success of it they are screwed and they know it. One by one the other states will follow and they will be out of a job.

  2. I have to say that Mr Verhofstadt does look very peculiar. If you saw him standing near to a school you’d call the Police.

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