The mood in government has definitely changed. Boris Johnson has decided that we will eschew the Davos summit.

Boris Johnson has banned ministers from the Davos summit this year in a bid to shed the Tories’ reputation as the party of billionaires.

The Prime Minister and his top team will not attend the annual economic forum in Swizerland, which attracts the global elite.

This is not a bad thing. This merely crony capitalism in action after all. A devil’s brew of the elite who seek to engage in wooing the various heads of government. The epitome of globalism. Ultimately a global cartel.

The Davos summit may well be a get together of the global elite, but there is little of value from it that benefits the ordinary taxpayer. It is at places such as this that the various national leaders get together and stitch us up. They are, piece by piece forming a cartel whereby they aim to keep up taxes and attempt to close any loopholes and tax havens. Meanwhile, there are complaints from the left about a potential Singapore-on-Thames. A potential fracture in this cosy global cartel, a rogue nation that might just undermine the high-tax agenda. A post Brexit Britain.

Tax havens are a good thing. Without them, the cartels can continue without any competition. So, if not attending Davos really is a start to a low tax economy that forces tax competition on the globalists whether they like it or not and brings inward investment to this country, then there is cause for cautious optimism.

Either way, I see this as good news.


  1. It scores 3 ways.
    Content – Davos is against the interests of the common voter, being a place for corporatism and globalist stitch ups. So not going is good.

    Presentation – Visibly not participating, banning attendance, is an excellent message. Not just the same crowd carrying on.

    Competence – Things need to change and we are starting now.

    I expect I will be sadly disillusioned soon, but in the run up to Christmas, isn’t it nice to have a bit of optimism, even if only for a brief moment!

      • 🙂 Exactly so.
        And who knows, in a year, a lot may happen….and perhaps the Boris may learn to sing!
        And meantime, I’ll enjoy looking at who screams and whines loudest.

        Flash news: Gina Miller launches court action to compel Boris to attend Davos (only joking…)

  2. It is at places such as this that the various national leaders get together and stitch us up

    I suppose the same argument used against leaving the EU could apply – if we don’t have a seat at the table (so to speak) we will have even less influence. Whether “We” actually had any to start with is a moot point…

  3. Davos has passed its ‘best before’ date, grown too big to be important — if everybody goes there then it is full of nobodies with pretensions of being somebody. I suspect Boris is just slightly ahead of the game in this decision.

      • Well it was a Singapore reference. Their cane is made of rattan so it is really springy. It is five feet long and about half an inch thick, they soak it in dettol before use. I expect that it hurts a bit.

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