Who’s That Knocking at the Door?

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Coronavirus vaccination teams could go door-to-door to reach those yet to have their jabs, reports have suggested, in a bid to stave off further restrictions.

Because, of course, it’s my fault that they are imposing restrictions and nothing whatsoever to do with their insanity.

The Mail on Sunday (MoS) reported a trial which had been carried out in Ipswich Suffolk, could be expanded across the whole country as the Government attempted to hold out against introducing new restrictions in England.

There was never any need for the restrictions in the first place. That they have been imposed due to the failure of the vaccine to deliver ‘freedom’ is not the fault of those who have declined it. This is classic ‘othering’. I will not comply. As is usual when someone that I do not know knocks on my door, I do not answer.

The MoS reported that No 10 saw reaching those who had not yet had their vaccinations as a key way of staving off new restrictions.

This is nothing more than coercion and is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg protocol. The more they try, the more I will resist.

Update. Apparently, they are now denying it.

Speaking to The Independent, NHS England has since denied there are no plans for such a roll-out to be implemented.

You know what they say about not believing anything until it has been officially denied…


  1. It’s like those opinion pieces and articles that say “We have to lockdown to protect the unvaccinated.”
    Erm, whut?
    Regardless of whether or not the lockdown actually protected people, or was the right thing to do at the start, by this point in the proceedings, everyone who wants a clot shot has had more than enough time to get one. So we can safely assume that those who aren’t vaccinated are happy with the risk decision they are taking – and we can assume that people who have taken it are happy with their chosen risk as well. (Both ways carry risk, obviously)

    And the GPs etc will still be there in the future as well, so it’s not like the shots are suddenly going to be unavailable…

    So they can fuck right off. They can not use the unvaccinated as an excuse. They aren’t protecting unvaccinated from themselves (and nobody fucking asked them to). They are using faux concern to try and cover their true motives. I think they don’t want a Control group. That way any fatalities and medical conditions that suddenly become super common can be blamed on the Covid virus and not the vaccines.

  2. For God’s sake, does the effing vaccine work or doesn’t it?

    If you have been vaccinated you are now immune from the evil Covid virus, you have nothing to worry about. If some fools refuse to get vaccinated that is their lookout, if they die of the virus, well it just serves them right. Even if it was true that they were taking up too many hospital beds, why do you care? You have had your injections and your boosters so you are safe. If you are not safe, then you have risked an entirely unknown list of side effects for no reason. Just remember that it is the other people that are stupid.

  3. When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. Everyone else knows you are dead and feels the pain, but you don’t know you are dead.
    It is the same when you are stupid.

    I thought 2021 couldn’t be any worse than than 2020 but they fucked that right up. Let’s hope 2022 is the year sanity begins to return to the world.

    Oh, and when the trials and hangings begin……..

  4. “Oh, and when the trials and hangings begin……..”

    Follow the link on the previous post. There are moves afoot to prosecute the main offenders under international law. I don’t hold out much hope of it actually happening but imagine the political shift if it did.

  5. I would treat them just as I treat other unwanted callers. They can talk to a shut door if they want. Makes no difference to me.

  6. “Vaxynation team”
    “You’re trespassing: please wait outside the gate”
    (Closes door, goes back to beer and TV)

  7. I’ve thinking about what my response will be – should (or when) they come a knocking. I like to think I will “Engage” with them (to use Plod Speak), but in reality I just haven’t got the patience to string them along for ages. So, just as with any other doorstep callers, It’s almost certainly going to be a not so polite “Go Forth”…

  8. I think Mark has it right above – you tell them that you ‘identify’ as vaccinated and if they question you AT ALL then you’ll scweam and scweam and scweam and have them in the humman rights (hah!) court….

  9. Einsatzgruppen. Christ, I’m going to have to learn German – it’s the only language with the terminology.

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