The alphabet thing really is a religion and if you diss the religion, you get excommunicated.

A woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer has been dropped by her medical clinic based on “hurtful remarks” they allege she made about the “LGBTQ community.” Marlene Barbera, who is scheduled for a mastectomy later this month, had commented on a trans pride flag she had seen in the waiting room of the Richmond Family Medicine Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

She had the temerity to complain about the progress flag that is in out faces wherever we go. I rode over one that was painted on a pedestrian crossing in Bristol yesterday. Yeah, I know, Bristol… My hackles rose at the sight of it. Indeed, that’s what is happening now, ordinary, reasonable, tolerant people are resisting because this crap has been shoved in our faces at every tip and turn. Pride month has now become Pride epoch, it seems. Certainly my erstwhile tolerance has turned into hostility now.

“I wrote my Doctor a MyChart message all about how offensive, I, as a gender critical woman, found political messaging in a healthcare setting,” Barbera says. People who align themselves with ‘gender critical’ views often reject gender ideology, specifically as it conflates the subjective definition of “gender identity” with the reality of biological sex. Most also take issue with the impact gender ideology has had on the rights of women and girls.

I agree with her. I think most reasonable people would. Pride is a political statement. Their vile flag is a political statement. It has no place in a healthcare setting, which should be politically neutral. The woman made a fundamental error. If you lift your head above the parapet, you are likely to get it shot off, which is what happened. She assumed that she was dealing with rational people.

Clearly the Hippocratic oath no longer has any meaning for these medical practitioners. However, remaining in Oregon, this made me smile.

Researchers from Oregon State University were appalled at students’ responses to their recent survey about transgender experiences in engineering and computer science. In what the researchers termed “malicious responses,” 15% of the participants humorously rejected the survey. It is doubtful that their meme references and jokes were made out of hatred, but rather to send a message: far-left ideologies have no place in STEM fields, and the notion of standardizing them is ludicrous.

Because students weren’t taking the original survey seriously, the researchers transformed it into a social study exploring the nature of what they deemed “malicious responses” to their original prompts. They called the new paper “Attack Helicopters and White Supremacy: Interpreting Malicious Responses to an Online Questionnaire about Transgender Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Student Experiences.” Its unscientific conclusions establish the same assumptions that most far leftists make whenever people disagree with their intersectionality politics: they must be white supremacists.

They really don’t like it up ’em, do they? However, the trolling is a breath of fresh air as not all young people are taken in by this nonsense. Of course, they were labelled fascists. Nah, this is fascism:

They didn’t think that one out, did they? Apparently, the researchers were hurt and upset by the responses to the survey. Well, good. Maybe some real world exposure will do them some good, you never know.

The paper decided that the negative responses were due to the popularity of video games and online forums among computer science students. According to the paper, video games and internet subcultures perpetuate ideas of white supremacy and white nationalism due to the discovery of “connection” through “white ‘geek’ identity” and the “militarized straight cis masculinity represented in popular video game media.”

Do these people ever listen to themselves?

The “study” did not take a step further to prompt the “malicious” respondents about their participation in said online forums and video games. It merely asserted a stereotype, noted the meme references in their responses, and assumed the worst intentions. To the researchers, it did not seem possible that students were giving ridiculous feedback because they found the survey itself to be ridiculous.

Because, of course, it was ridiculous, and being geeks and nerds, the respondents trolled the hell out of it and good for them.


  1. All I can say about the ‘offended’ is that some organic life forms have no sense of proportion.

    Maybe they need a nice quiet room with soft walls for a couple of days while they wind their necks in. Leave the rest of us alone for a while.

  2. I noticed on Thursday that the CoE Church in Loughborough had a Pride flag (or LGBetc.) dangling down the church tower.

    It struck me how even a traditional organisation was turning itself inside out to be trendy and they don’t even realise how disconnected that is from the churches’ Unique Selling Point.

    Perhaps we should campaign to have Satanists added to the Pride Flag? It might cause some introspection but I suspect the stampede to be *seen* as inclusive may have gathered too much momentum.

  3. Funnily enough we were having this conversation at work this morning, staff aged between late 40s and mid 60s. None of us want these people persecuted, or criminalised but all of us were sick to death about hearing about it. One pointed out that we weren’t marching and never have, declaring our sexuality so why are they. I have a horrid feeling it will all back fire against them somewhere down the line. That would be dreadful for those who are just getting on with their lives. One thing that struck me was that even a year ago that conversation wouldn’t have happened as we are suposed to be loving all in an all encompassing embrace. Now people are starting to voice their feelings, as one bloke said if they can have their opinion why can’t he have his, and his be respected.

  4. There’s a simple solution: If you’re going to get triggered any any of the possible answers then don’t ask the question.

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