Oh, Do Fuck Off

They really can’t help themselves, can they?

The next major pandemic is coming. It’s already on the horizon, and could be far worse — killing millions more people — than the last one.

Be afraid, very afraid.

We don’t yet know for certain what form it will take — just that its arrival, according to global health experts, is not just a possibility but a probability.

We’ve no idea what it is, or how it will manifest itself, but be scared anyway because we say so. As for global health experts, they have demonstrated that they cannot be relied upon to tell the truth during the covid episode, so fuck ’em, frankly. This is a desperate attempt to be relevant.

That’s horrific enough.

No, it isn’t. It’s a blatant attempt to scare people. There is nothing horrific going on beyond that.

 Even more terrifying is the fact that Britain and the rest of the world have so far done very little to prepare for it.

Sigh… In late 2019, we – and pretty much everyone else – had a pandemic plan in place. It was a good plan as Sweden demonstrated.

To combat Disease X — as the World Health Organisation ominously calls it — we will once again need vaccines to be engineered and delivered in record time. But, as things stand, there is absolutely no guarantee that will happen.

Life itself isn’t guaranteed. So we live for the day. Or you can hide under he bed and wait for the WHO to come to your rescue. Bear in mind that this life is something none of us will survive. We all have to die someday.

By contrast, we may well look back at the Covid-19 crisis as a walk in the park — and of course it was nothing of the kind.

Only because the fuckwits abandoned their perfectly good plan in favour of media induced panic.

Today, it’s all too easy to forget that governments around the world were dangerously unprepared for a global health crisis; indeed many viewed it as the stuff of apocalyptic fiction.

They were prepared, they chose to abandon the plan and panic. And two really bad flu seasons akin to the Hong Kong flu of 1969 or the flu pandemic of 1919, is not apocalyptic. Not even close.

These people really do want us to live in a permanent state of fear. Well, I refuse. The article is nothing more than the usual media induced panic mongering. Risible bollocks, all of it.


  1. It is scary, though not because of their booga-booga fear mongering.

    The proposed WHO treaty may put all plans and responses in the hands of the WHO. Now that is very scary.

  2. John Galt.
    I have noticed that most of those wanting us to do these sort of things are always mentioning ‘international law’.

    As far as they’re concerned, we’ve already lost sovereignty.

  3. If they don’t know what form it will take how can they prepare a vaccine to stop it???

    They have covid jabs this week at the care home I work, staff could also have them. The following couple of days everyone was ill who had had the jab. As I don’t get paid when off sick I gave it a miss.

  4. So the message is hide under your bed and await the arrival of the nonspecific new virus. The UN and its subsidiary WHO are no longer fit for purpose.

  5. “That’s horrific enough.”

    It certainly is … for them. They may be out of the limelight and no one will listen to them which, in turn, means that they’ll miss out on all those millions in cash for their advice.

    Cry wolf too often etc.

  6. Oooh I’ve just heard that it’s Solar Flares that we need to panic about now. What is amusing is, if solar flares really did do something bad, like causing all of the world’s computers to crash or something like that, who would be surprised that the powers that be were blindsided while panicking about the threat of an imaginary disease epidemic.

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