This letter is sellotaped to the window of the local test centre. Yes, it’s dated February, but I don’t usually go into the waiting room, so I only just noticed it.

The appropriate place for this NIMBY whine is in the bin. However, the test centre managed decided to put it on display. Maybe he thought we could do with a chuckle. The claims being made are laughably absurd and patently untrue. There aren’t lots of children and dogs running out of the park. And the worst behaved drivers aren’t the ones with L plates up. It’s not they who engage in tailgating and dangerous overtaking.

Sure, it’s a bit busy at times with learner drivers, but they have to learn somewhere and it’s a decent, quiet bit of road, so ideal to learn the basics in a safe environment. I use it for my initial twenty minutes or so of a CBT road ride because if things go south, we aren’t too far from base.

However, neither I nor the driving instructors need to offer excuses – the only response to this NIMBY is that this is a public highway and providing the vehicles are road legal, that’s all there is to it. I suspect that he or she has been given just this answer, hence the refusal to give their details in the last paragraph. Frankly, if I was in receipt of a whine like this from some anonymous crank, I’d just bin it. I’m pretty sure no investigation has taken place, simply because it is nothing to do with the DVSA – they don’t police the roads and all they do to police us is to ensure we meet their standards when giving instruction. They certainly don’t get to tell us whose house we can go past.

I am assuming that the writer of this silly missive never learned to drive because they were born with a driving licence in their back pocket.


  1. Off topic – regarding the attempted murder of the Slovakian PM, this is what the far-left BBC had to say:

    “The attempt on Robert Fico’s life comes as Slovakia experiences yet another period of political turmoil – turmoil that he himself has largely created.”

    So Fico had it coming, did he? Any ‘far-right’ politicians are legitimate targets for deranged assassins, are they? God, what a bunch of vile, lefty pieces of shit they are at the BBC.

  2. Although I find it really annoying to be stuck behind the ubiquitous forty-fiver driver in the sixty zones, I always cut a massive amount of slack to learner drivers. We were all there once and it takes time before driving becomes second nature.

    Much of my exposure to the output of the BBC comes through the lens of Paul Homewood pointing out that they are lying about the climate again. So it’s now reached the point that when they reported on an earthquake in Turkey my first thought was that they were probably making that up.

  3. Chances are the Test Centre was there long before the nimby-whinger moved in. Same applies with those folk who move near to airports or motorways, then complain about noise, disturbance, pollution etc. – obviously never heard of ‘due diligence’.

  4. I can remember when some new houses were built near the fairground in Hull. People moved in and then complained about the annual fair.

  5. It’s not so much that these idiots complain about stuff that was there before them, it’s that they are often listened to…

  6. Moi brine hurts. Too much brining.
    But seriously though, folks, for initial driving instruction a novice needs a quiet road with no hills, complicated junctions, filters, priority lanes and impatient other drivers with schedules to meet.The
    Being a bit mischievous (or mischievious, as some pronounce it, for some reason) maybe the note was pinned up to encourage more to wind up these / this whinger(s)

  7. I live on a very quiet area off the main round with a large green space which is a magnet for first week learners, but I’ve never had cause to whinge about it. As you say, they have to learn somewhere!

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