Tough on immigration, eh?

The UK government has unveiled plans it promised would slash net migration after levels soared to a record high.

Home Secretary James Cleverly announced a five-point plan to curb immigration, which he said was “far too high”.

The changes included hiking the minimum salary needed for skilled overseas workers from £26,200 to £38,700.

Mr Cleverly claimed 300,000 people who were eligible to come to the UK last year would not be able to in the future.

So how will this stop the boats? Because I’m pretty sure that this won’t deter them. Meanwhile, it will deter people who might actually have skills that we want.


  1. It’s all talk as an election is looming. They’ve had 13 years to sort this out and I can’t understand why as it’s definitely a vote winner. It’s like the Tories want to lose.

  2. It’s not that the Tories want to lose, it’s that they thought they could win without exerting themselves.

    • BiK, how long before they announce “Year Zero”?

      99% of their announcements I heartily disagree with, and on the odd occasion they do announce something sensible, it’s always either massively overpriced, underfunded, undeliverable or, most often, a blatant lie. None of these policies are ever implemented.

      I remember when Cameron was in, him making a speech stating that “multi-culturism has failed”, at the almost exact same time Merkel announced the exact same thing in Germany, then both nations accelerated the head-long plunge over the cliff and into the abyss.

      It’s not a lack of political will, it’s nothing to do with be able to get decent policies through the Commons, it’s not finance or legal technicalities, their nation wrecking schemes are entirely deliberate, and they are merely the puppets of supra-national organisations intent on world domination.

      Lying bastards. The lot of them.

    • ‘Leaders’ have a natural affinity for small prime numbers. They are usually incapable of constructing six point plans. Unless two underlings present them with different, but plausible three point plans.

  3. @jaded
    It’s like the Tories want to lose

    Tory voters don’t want to lose. CINO MPs and CCHQ want to lose so Starmer can put us back in EU and sign up to all the UN, WEF policies

    CINOs have worked overtime to ensure Brexit didn’t work: stop growth, more tax, more waste, more green, more inflation, more regulation, more immigration, Windsor Framework…

    It was obvious when Johnson was forced to give Gove, Sunak puppet and Hancock top jobs and HoC passed law banning “No Deal”

    If I had my way, every MP would be evicted and banned from ever standing again. Also a None of Above on ballots. If None wins, above banned

  4. “Mr Cleverly claimed 300,000 people who were eligible to come to the UK last year would not be able to in the future.”

    Idiot, it’s not the eligible ones that people have a problem with it’s the illegals that are the problem. Is he this stupid or does he just think that we are?

    • The legal ones are a problem. Not only are they allowed to bring endless family members with them, they all need housing, healthcare, transportation, etc,

      No nation can sustain these figures, but particularly a tiny island nation that has useless and/or knackered infrastructure, mass unemployment, a healthcare provider that kills people and has been bankrupt for decades.

      See “Barbarians and the fall of the Roman Empire” for details.

  5. I don’t want just the illegals stopping, i want the vast majority stopped, for the tens of thousands of genuinely worthwhile people only, as Cameron promised some 13 years ago and the rest of them made the same false promises in the years since with no intention whatsoever of delivering.

    Its not going to happen, they are all liars, nothing is going to change, sadly one comes to the conclusion the country we loved and cherished as children is finished, its history only in our minds because its being rewritten continually.

    My only hope is the tory party is utterly destroyed in the next election, it should have happened in 2010 but a bamboozled electorate stubbornly contnued to believe polticians lies, what is with people why are they so blinkered brainwashed that they can’t see through these charlatans, i’m even more disgusted with the electorate than the fake conservatives.

    I wasn’t going to vote ever again, but i will make my small contribution by voting Reform or whoever is the viable alternative in my town, anything to see the end of the tory party, it needs gone for good.

    • Why do we have so many curry chefs imported from Arseholeistan? We like curry but we don’t need 100,000s of them. Perhaps because that’s one of the occupations that is allowed through due to it being skilled. All it needed (assuming the government wanted to) was to make the salary £50k and most of them wouldn’t get in.

  6. The cynical side of me suggests that, like the people who keep feeding the crocodile in the hope it eats them last, many of the numpties in government and opposition are merely following the instructions of Soros and Schwab’s WEF in the hope that a place can be found for them in their organisation after The Great Reset.
    Voting for Reform, Reclaim, or similar, seemed to be a way of punishing the main parties, but I can imagine someone like Tice saying something like, “Oh shit!. We’ve won. Now, what the f*ck do we do?” No one knows what their policies are, or how they are going to achieve them though, to be honest, that’s never stopped the other lot. What was it, again, that Pre Frazer used to say in Dad’s Army?

  7. They don’t WANT to stop mass legal immigration or significant thousands of illegal immigrants.
    If you assume the truth of that statement all their actions, and all their statements that prove to be untrue, or with important clauses not reported, make sense.

  8. “No one knows what their policies are…”

    This has certainly been true of the current Conservative government. Non of the stuff they do was in any manifesto, no one would have voted for them if it had. So they have been doing things that nobody voted for for years and only now with an election looming they are promising to do something different. I didn’t believe their empty promises last time around and I was proved right, I’m hardly going to believe them this time am I?

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