Fugly Bloke

Nope, it’s a fugly bloke. Always will be. Still, it’s nice that the courts are seeing some sense at least.

A trans woman, who applied for a council job with a man’s CV,  has had her harassment case against the local authority thrown out after trying to sue them for asking what name they should use.

Mandie Monroe caused ‘confusion’ soon after joining the authority because her name on the rota was Mandie but her name on her email said Andy.

During her job interview, Ms Monroe – who was known as Andy Mason before transitioning in 2018 – told council bosses ‘I am old school’ and that she ‘doesn’t focus on pronouns’.

After the confusion over her name, her manager asked Ms Monroe what name she would prefer to use at work to ensure there was ‘consistency’ for council staff and customers.

Ms Monroe responded that she was ‘content’ to be called Andy in the workplace.

That makes sense. He looks like an Andy and nothing like a Mandy.

A few weeks later, after a dispute at work led to the housing officer leaving her job, Ms Monroe tried to sue Central Bedfordshire Council, claiming that being asked whether she wants to be called Andy or Mandie amounted to transgender harassment.

Ah, so we get to the nub of the matter. A dispute at work, so nothing to do with anyone seeking clarification over what he wanted to be called, but he thought it worth a punt.

But she has lost her case, with an employment tribunal ruling that her boss had been simply trying to ‘seek clarification’.

So some common sense from the court – although I’m not sure what clarification was needed. Andy is a pretty rough looking bloke and there’s nothing remotely feminine about him.

Odd, isn’t it, how these obvious ugly blokes in drag are the ones making all the fuss? The majority of trans people simply want to fly under the radar and get on with their lives.


  1. It’s transgender harassment all right – by transgender activists on the rest of humanity.

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