Titanic, Meet Deckchairs

Jeez, but this is desperation.

Over dishes of ravioli and sliced calves liver, washed down by bottles of southern Italian red, Rishi Sunak‘s political enemies plotted their next moves against the Government.

The venue was Giovanni’s, a long-established family Italian restaurant in London‘s Covent Garden run by Sicilian aristocrat Count Pino Ragona and whose walls are bedecked with pictures of celebrity customers such as Frank Sinatra – and Liz Truss.

The conspirators, a determined cabal of MPs and political strategists, were busy turning a torrent of headlines damaging to the Prime Minister, previously described as a ‘grid of s***’, into ‘an advent calendar of s***’.

The intention was to leave No 10 reeling from a series of blows in the wake of last month’s sacking of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary.

It doesn’t matter what they do. The Conservatives are a busted flush. A new leader will have no effect in the few months left before an election is due. Might as well leave him in charge and rebuild afterwards.


  1. I think you’re being a bit harsh, Longrider

    Its not the Conservatives fault that they haven’t had chance to do conservative things.
    They’ve only had 13 years and a thumping 80 seat majority for the last 3.
    It wasn’t their fault they had a big non-pandemic to deal with. They only instead of following the established plan, threw it out of the window and decided to piss all over hard-fought freedoms.
    They only stabbed their leaders in the back several times. making themselves look unreliable, untrustworthy and self-serving.

    I for one will be voting Reform. Or if they aren’t available, the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party. Or option 3, just writing “Cnuts” in big letters across the ballot.
    Who I will not be voting for: Communist Labour party, BluLabour, Hippie Limp Dims. Or the Greens.

    That’s if we get a vote. What are the chances WW3 kicks up a gear before May and we have the elections postponed? The US ones are only a few months after ours and there’s a good chance they’ll force the conflict before then to postpone that election…

  2. I will be voting Reform.
    But there is a huge problem in that the huge majority of voters in this country believe that the only alternative to the Conservatives is Labour, and because they believe it that pretty much makes it so.
    Voters who are unhappy with the Conservatives will vote Labour, even though the things that make them unhappy with the Conservatives will be worse under Labour.
    The idea that the 2 established parties are the only possibilities will be intentionally perpetuated by the MSM and all other arms of the establishment.
    Reform will not get adequate or fair coverage, and this will be intentional.
    Remember a few months ago when there was talk that GB News should have its broadcasting licence withdrawn and the Newsnight panel had Adam Boulton and others in the studio speaking in favour of that idea, and nobody abainst it.
    That wan’t an accident. The programme editors, journalists and presenters are very clever people, with good contacts books. But they couldn’t find anyone to oppose the Boulton view?
    Remember when Sally Nugent mentioned the ‘infamous’ Dambusters raid. Someone wrote that for the autocue and Ms. Nugent read it out. These people earn their living by using language; they are not stupid, they are clever and it is not credible that the use of ‘infamous’ was a mistake.
    Remember when Jeremy Hunt was called Jeremy Cunt. That never happened to Tristram Hunt, or James Hunt or any other Hunt in the news.
    There is one slight ray of light. Nigel’s success in the jungle might be a sign that when people see the reality they will see through the manipulation that is all around us.
    But I’m not very optimistic.

    • I was convinced of the general hard of thinking during the covid debacle. It became apparent that many of the public, despite have a reasonable level of intelligence and education, are incapable of critical thinking or challenging an official narrative – hence the ease with which it was suggested that dissenters be locked up, denied basic liberties and be silenced for daring to tell the truth. We’ve seen this before and it tells us a great deal about the stupidity of crowds.

      No, I’m not optimistic, either.

  3. To be really effective the conspirators, a determined cabal of MPs should resign the whip and vote as an independent block. Moaning about the boss while hanging on to your job is just ‘office politics’ and not particularly brave or principled.

  4. Far too late, the time to save the Tory party was back in 2010 when they had to be propped up by the bloody libdems.
    They should have stopped Cameron turning them into a second hand car salesman’s version of Blair’s devious mob.

    It has to die, the tory party that is, and the ground where it once stood fired and salted, it is unfit for anything other than trying aimlessly to be slightly less socialist than the red side of the uniparty.

    They can even stop unarmed rubber dinghys from crossing the English Channel, WTF is the point of the RN the border farce or indeed now the RNLI, the latter of which has gone from one of the most loved and respected national institutions to something i’d never give another penny to as long as i live.

    Will reform actually do anything should they gain office, probably not and i’m none too sure Farage won’t scupper it at the last minute like he did with TBP, however voting for them seems the best bet to ensure the death of the tory party, until that happens there is no chance to stop the slide of our country to the bottom of the barrel and beyond, i think its too late already and only a genuine right wing so called ‘populist’ party would have the guts to do what is necessary anyway, and that ship ship sadly sailed a long time ago.

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