They Don’t Like it Up ‘Em

ITV are pretty desperate.

While Nigel Farage is in the jungle keen to do disgusting trials to keep himself in the limelight, his team back home are busy using sneaky tricks to get him votes.

ITV executives are now openly saying they regret signing him, fearing the far-right politician could actually be crowned King of the Jungle tomorrow.

Personally, I’d find it hilarious. As for dirty tricks, well, I guess they would know all about that. What has happened, despite their worst fears, is that Nigel has behaved as he normally does and a wider audience now see him as a decent bloke with genuinely held convictions. You don’t have to agree with his views, but he isn’t an ogre. That scares the pants off them. So I do hope he comes out triumphant, for no other reason that heads in all the right places will be exploding.

His team are desperate to make that happen and are using social media to get his supporters to vote for him.

Oh, how terrible.

His feeds are full of images appearing to show Vote Nigel posters on landmarks, such as a London bus, black cab, in the Tube, and even beamed on to the Empire State Building in New York.

Awful. Using freedom of expression to boost the chances of their favoured candidate. Pure evil, of course.

One ITV source said: “Nigel’s team will stop at nothing to try to get him the jungle crown. They have claimed the show is against him, the editing is unfair, and now they are faking photos to give the idea he is more popular than he is and to make people think his face is all over London landmarks. Like many of his claims during the Brexit campaign, all is not what it seems.”

Actually, he is exactly what he seems. Unless you are a foaming at the mouth, deranged lefty who sees him as the devil incarnate.

Farage’s team are understood to have more videos of him, which they filmed in case he got to the final, and will release them over this weekend. No contestant has ever bombarded social media with as many messages in a desperate attempt to win.

Yeah? So? Good luck to them for thinking of it. The only desperation I detect here is from ITV.

He did so after posting several social media messages and was allowed to ask for votes on his GB News show and explain the process.

GB News even screened a QR code that viewers could use to go to the site to vote. It was blamed for crashing the TRIC site several times.

Wicked, isn’t it? Using perfectly legal and reasonable methods to boost the chances of a candidate. They are sore that they didn’t think of that.

A spokesman for Nigel Farage told the Mirror: “Throughout his time in the Jungle, Nigel’s team have continued to think of innovative ways to help spread the word as we became concerned that he was being denied TV time. This little project has obviously had a huge impact as journalists at the Daily Mirror were willing to believe something that was a bit of fun on photoshop is actually a global advertising campaign.”

Indeed. And it is the journos who are looking foolish here. Not that this is difficult to achieve given the parlous state of modern journalism.

While I would never dream of taking part in any form of reality TV and at the time thought he was mad to do so, Nigel has played a blinder with this one. And well done for doing so. Winner or not in this contest, he has come out a winner anyway. The above reaction is a victory in itself.


  1. They brought in Nella as she was a social media influencer to hopefully reach a younger audience via social media. It back fired as ofcom received hundreds of complaints about her behaviour towards Fred and also Nigel. Ant and Dec liked a post they should not have and had to retract. The trouble is social media is in its infancy and when regulated bodies dabble, without knowing what they are doing, can be held to account.
    I find it all quite amusing. Hoist with their own placard.

    • Placard? Petard, surely?

      I’ve not watched it apart from the odd snippet that has been on the news. Nella was a typical obnoxious bigot. Nigel is educated enough to run rings around someone so ignorant. They thought they were being clever and as you say, it backfired.

  2. The notion that Farage is ‘Far right’ is laughable. The Mirror, a publication with a long history of overt anti semitism and racism is one that it’s actually good to be targeted by. If they’re slagging you off you know you’re on the side of the angels.

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