Exactly Wrong

Like the boy crying wolf, the met office is at it again.

New weather maps have shown the exact moment Britain will be blasted by a 630-mile ice bomb as large swathes of the country are set to be blanketed with snow. According to forecasters at WXCharts, the UK will be covered in snow and ice all the way from the top of Scotland down to Bristol, with the white stuff falling at up to 10mm per hour in some locations.

Manchester, Sheffield, and Edinburgh are set to be the worst affected, seeing the deepest snowfall, but southern areas including Birmingham, Oxford, and Cambridge will also see a reasonable-sized covering.

Weather maps also predict temperatures will plummet as some northern locations such as Edinburgh and parts of Lancashire will experience chilling lows of -1 to 0C while most of the UK will see an average low of 3C.

The forecaster says snow will hit on Saturday, February 24, with the majority of the UK seeing at least some snowfall with just London, the north west of England, and the south of Wales likely to avoid the downfall.

They have been saying this every week since Christmas. It still being February and therefore winter, eventually they will strike lucky. In the meantime, carry on and ignore them. The exact date will happen at sometime in the future – or not as the case may be. Like the prophets of doom on the street corner they have been wrong more than they have been right.


  1. As much as 1cm per hour – scary stuff! Unpleasant for those who get real bad weather, but I’m sure that many of the consequences are due to poor infrastructure maintenance (when was the last time you saw a drain cleaner?). Thw Met Office gurus should stick to writing in childrens’ comics (sorry, they already provide the BBC ‘poorcasts’.

  2. No doubt it’s due to the Climate Emergency. It’s difficult to shoehorn normal cold weather into a warming narrative so they don’t call it Global Warming any more.

  3. If you believe that there is a climate crisis then it follows that *any* notable weather *must* confirm your beliefs.

    To write off seasonal weather as typical means that you are not taking things seriously. Although separating the climate and weather signals from the noise requires herculean efforts (and the models may just be wrong). The map is not the terrain.

  4. Our very esteemed (esteamed – Global Boiling, doncha know.) Met. Office do not provide the Beeb with its weather reports any more.
    An overseas company called MeteoGroup get the Beeb (our) dosh.
    Maybe they can forecast better bungs.

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