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Reasons not to vote Labour.

A pensioner has been threatened with a hefty fine by council bureaucrats over gender-critical posters she fixed to her front door.

Una-Jane Winfield, 68, was handed a Community Protection Notice (CPN) after complaints she was displaying ‘transphobic’ and ‘graphic’ posters.

She faces prosecution and a £2,500 fine by Labour-run Hammersmith and Fulham Council over the small images and letters on the entrance to her west London home.

Quite why she would want to put these on her door, is anyone’s guess. However, it is her door and it is none of the council’s business and having tried once, and discovered that her views are protected in law – that is, she is doing nothing wrong – they have come back for another go.

‘In a letter I was told my ‘persistent and continuing conduct’ was having a ‘detrimental effect on the public and the LGBT community’. I’ve become pretty well-known for my campaigning and have never had an issue with the council until now.

Fuck the alphabet community, frankly. It is long past time people stopped appeasing this deranged mob and told them firmly to do one – which, I suppose, is what Ms Winfield is doing. Perhaps the council could provide some evidence of this ‘detrimental effect.’ No? Thought not. Because there is no detrimental effect – unlike grooming children into chemical castration and lopping off body parts.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has previously boasted of plans to be ‘the most inclusive borough in the country’.

By inclusive, they mean conformity to the prevailing orthodoxy and no variation of thinking is allowed. In fact, the precise opposite of inclusivity.

The authority’s equality, diversity and inclusion policy states it measures performance using Stonewall’s Workplace Index.

I would expect nothing less of a Labour council. Stonewall is objectively evil and needs to be defunded and shut down.

A Hammersmith and Fulham Council spokesman said: ‘We have received eight complaints about these provocative and graphic posters featuring nudity prominently displayed on a very busy public section of walkway in plain view.

‘Despite our requests, the resident has refused to remove them and has instead taken this issue to court.’

I sincerely hope she wins. If here was any justice, the costs would come out of the pockets of the people behind this malicious action.


  1. But some views/opinions are more equal than others and in this poisonous new world we find ourselves in they can’t allow any views other than what is ordained as the truth of the moment to be heard seen or read by the proles.

    What is deemed correct by the ministry of truth today may not be the same as yesterday nor tomorrow, but you will comply and be seen to be reading from the correct hymnsheet at all times.

  2. It doesn’t matter if they’ve received eight comments, or eighty comments, or eight thousand. Her beliefs and freedom of speech are unaffected. The ‘nudity’ thing is absolute bollocks.

  3. I would guess that the only people complaining are those that actually work for the labour council, not her neighbours and local community

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