How Low

Just how low will a professional politician stoop to try and score a point? Well, look no further than that charlatan Sir Kneelalot.

Sir Keir Starmer says he was “shocked” by Rishi Sunak’s jibe about the Labour leader’s definition of a woman on the day Brianna Ghey’s mother was visiting Parliament.

The PM had earlier accused him of using the transgender teen’s murder to distract people from his U-turns.

But Sir Keir told the BBC Mr Sunak had a duty to make every person in the country “feel safe”.

It was about “basic decency and respect”, he said.

For the sake of clarity, Mrs Ghey wasn’t in the gallery at the time of the remark, so her thoughts are irrelevant. Even if she was, her thoughts are still irrelevant. The jibe was a valid one as when asked in an interview, if women have a penis, this clown said eventually that 99% don’t – so Sunak’s comment that his U turn was only a 99% one was right on target.

How bad to you have to be to make Sunak look like the good guy? Starmer is a nasty piece of work. Ineffectual as a leader, useless and incompetent as DPP (I haven’t forgotten the Robin Hood Airport prosecution that was nothing short of malicious) and will flim-flam on any issue if he thinks that he can get away with it. He has no principles beyond getting into Downing Street. This episode is merely the latest example of just how low he will stoop.

For the record, no women have penises. BLM is a vile, racist, activist group that swindled people stupid enough to give them money, and George Floyd was a criminal thug whose leaving of the world made it a better place. If this narcissist ever becomes PM – and it is looking increasingly likely – we will see Sunak’s war on the motorist increase, speaking out against our cultural enrichers will become criminalised and Sadiq Khan’s London will be a model for the rest of the UK. But, yeah, don’t make jokes that might offend someone who may or may not be offended, especially when they are right on point.

But Starmer wants us to believe that he is actually concerned about someone’s feelings. He doesn’t know the meaning of decency and respect, for he has neither and his behaviour here is a clear demonstration of that. At least Jeremy Corbyn had principles. Starmer can’t even summon up that much.


  1. Brian Gay’s mother was only in Westminster to divert attention from the fact her son was the victim of a mental illness encouraged by modern parenting.

  2. The Tories have behaved appallingly since stabbing Boris in the back and deserve to get wiped out. However the thought of these Labour vermin getting into power terrifies me.

    • The Tories being CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only) goes back to Cameron, and Boris was one of the worst examples.

  3. Anyone who saw the exchange at PMQs, or has read the transcript, knows full well that Sunak was not insulting trans people, or the mother of that murder victim , or the victim himself. The outrage is entirely bogus. Put more bluntly – Starmer is lying.

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