It’s Our Fault

Yup, we got it wrong, apparently…

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt said “the electorate plainly have got it wrong” in the 2017 general election after it became clear Labour was on course to win seats from the Tories.


Asked for his reaction to the poll, the Reigate MP told The Surrey Mirror: “Like everyone else I was astonished. Some people say the electorate never get it wrong, clearly they have got it wrong. They’ve made it clearly tough for any party to form a government.”

And they wonder why we despise them so much. The arrogance and hubris that they exhibit deserves exactly the result they got. I would have preferred on this occasion for a modest Tory majority given the impending Brexit negotiations, but listening to this man, I’m inclined to feel that we got it right here. Unfortunately, they don’t get it. They never do. Perhaps that’s because they are all a bunch of venal, self-serving chancers riding on the backs of people who work for a living…


  1. The Conservative party gave me absolutely nothing in their manifesto that would make me inclined to vote for them. They have done nothing while they have been in power that would make me inclined to vote for them. The only thing that they had going for them was that they were not Labour. As far as I can see, the hung parliament is a result of his party being utterly rubbish and running an utterly rubbish campaign. They took the electorate for granted when they sowed and this election result is just what they deserved to reap.

    • The only thing that they had going for them was that they were not Labour.

      That’s it in a nutshell. It was always going to be a choice of the least worst option. The Tories are merely the least worst at the moment.

  2. I remain utterly astonished that you lot of bloggers and commenters expect more from politicians.

    The vast majority of them are all evil self obsessed turds with worst of them being perhaps 2% worse than the least worst.

    A 2% spread is a shitty gamble and often the bet is not made.

  3. The tories still won (effectively) in spite of May screwing the pooch.
    In spite of the traitor Corbyn, Labour increased their vote, but still lost.
    And small centre-parties got screwed.
    And we don’t have anything vaguely resembling social democracy in this country, either.
    What does scare me is the thought of the primitive nutters of the DUP having a say – in anything

    • I can’t say that I am over worried. A minority government propped up by the DUP is unlikely to last too long. Within eighteen months we will be back at the polls, probably with a new Conservative leader at the helm.

      The big downside is that Corbyn is now seriously seen as a contender.

      • Sorry old dude, but that is the upside.

        Corbyn stinks of stupid and evil. Eventually the rich odour of ignorant turd permeates even the brains of the most LoFo voter.

        That’s what happened to the useless May and it will for sure happen to the even more useless, and evil, and stupid, Corbyn.

  4. You chaps are all missing the big plus: the Schottische Nazionalsocialiste Partei got a fright. In particular, fat Eck lost his seat; it’s just a pity the same didn’t happen to fishwoman and a lot more of the Bravehearts.

    • I dunno, the last barbarian tribe in Europe, perhaps the world, adds a certain frisson of chaos and amusement to the constipated politics of the UK.

      You could perhaps have the Bavarians or our Quebecois, but really, aren’t you better off mit die Schottischen?

  5. It was way too long. It was boring. 3 weeks should have been the max. That ridiculous suicidal manifesto, obvious to a blind village idiot, was a killer. Why didn’t the cabinet say NO? Did they not see it? If not they should be fired. The most important post war election (quite unnecessary) and they screwed it up. MORONS!

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