Make It So

Just like that.

Ministers need to intervene to boost the secondhand electric vehicle market and allay “uncertainty and concerns” over the health of their batteries, a House of Lords committee has said.

Peers on the environment and climate change committee urged the government to step up efforts to encourage electric vehicle adoption amid consumer jitters over the cost of vehicles, the longevity of their batteries and the availability of charging points.

Ministers should step in to tackle the disparity in upfront costs between EVs and petrol and diesel cars, and examine targeted grants to incentivise the purchase of electric cars, they said in a report. During their seven-month long inquiry, witnesses repeatedly called for a cross-industry battery health testing standard to provide “clear information and reassurance to consumers”.

These cretins have no idea how the markets work. Consumers have cottoned onto the EV scam and are refusing to buy. Government throwing more of our money at the problem won’t solve it. It never does, but still they keep trying the same shit in the hope of a different result.

The peers said grants should be awarded to bring down costs to make the purchases cheaper and stimulating an “affordable” market, before the subsidies are then tapered away when electric- and fossil fuel-powered cars reach the same price.

Idiots. It still won’t make people want something that will be a very big and expensive paperweight. The EV scam is falling apart. This is the desperation of the scammers trying to hold it all together. Nothing they do will make people want to buy one if they don’t want one and more people are realising what a liability these things are. EVs are polluting, heavy, lack a decent range, take too long to refuel and we don’t have the infrastructure for most people to charge them at home. Any rational person would have realised it was a terrible idea. But not politicians, which tells you all you need to know about them. But, still, they expect to snap their fingers and order someone to make it so. Real life doesn’t work like that.


  1. Your blog will soon be banned by Ofcom, the ASA or some other quango as you are peddling misinformation contrary to the luxury beliefs of those in power.

    People do want EVs but are stopped by the evil media characterising them as crap when in fact they produce unicorn farts which SAGE has modelled as absorbing greenhouse gases.

  2. And you didn’t even need to mention the hideous threat to life (fuck me we’ve been lucky so far!) or the stratospheric insurance.

    Toytown Austria-Hungary is introducing “battery passports” (and not just for milk floats).

    If you’ve not seen it, check out the MGUY Australia channel (a lot of excellent milk float demolition).

    This nonsense is positively sane and based compared to that delusion. And they are actually going to try to enforce it!

    Will there still be milk floats in 2027?

    • No need for milk-floats when the green dicks have banned all the cattle – no cattle, no methane, no milk, hence no milk-floats, so they’ve obviously thought it all through. Mineral water on your corn-flakes, no problem.

  3. Are we seeing the slow death of Electric Vehicles?

    i) Rental car company Hertz recently announced plans to slow down its electrification strategy by selling off some electric vehicles (EVs), and now the company has halted its plans to purchase EVs from the Polestar.

    ii) More automakers are being forced to rethink their EV plans.

    iii) Tesla owners share their tips on how to deal with extreme cold.

    • Sounds to me like a lot of wasted energy is needed to keep those things going….

      Notwithstanding the energy needed to move the extra weight at all times.

  4. If these fools actually succeeded in getting everyone to buy an EV where is all the electricity to charge them going to come from? The idiots have no strategy for building more power stations, do they think that putting up a few more windmills will be enough?

  5. Who voted for the idiots in Westminster who are enacting all these mad schemes? Who is going to vote for “Continuity WEF” at the next election?

    Once we answer those questions, we’ll understand why the UK is terminally fucked.

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