The Ministry of Truth

Following on from the peers trying to make us buy EVs, they want to stamp out any wrongthink on the subject.

Baroness Parminter, chair of the committee, told the BBC that both government officials and other witnesses to the enquiry had reported reading disinformation on the subject in national newspapers.

“We have seen a concerted effort to scare people… we have seen articles saying that cars are catching fire – but had evidence that the fire risk is absolutely the same as [petrol and diesel] cars,” she said.

This quote underlines the sheer lack of intelligence to be found in modern politicians. The problem isn’t whether they may be more likely to catch fire, it’s that if they do, then a lithium fire is almost impossible to extinguish, so she is engaging in the lazy strawman fallacy, so typical of politicians. In other words, she is spreading misinformation.

Baroness Parminter said the government needed to step in and provide reliable information to consumers.

Of course it does, just like it did with Covid…

Talking of which, I have had a cold this past couple of days. I suspect that it’s the latest version of the dreaded bug. I have survived with little more than a sniffle.


  1. “I have survived with little more than a sniffle”

    Has your sense of taste gone funny? – I had a nasty 2 day bug before Christmas, and that was the main side effect.

  2. Sorry but I don’t buy the fire risk being the same either. Before EVs came along, car fires did happen occasionally but were extremely rare. Now they are a regular occurrence.

    • Difficult to say without data. However a normal vehicle fire is put out in a matter of minutes by the fire brigade. Not so with these, hence they are more newsworthy.

    • More to the point, ICE vehicles don’t tend to catch fire spontaneously when the engine is turned off. You can go to sleep confident that the ICE car parked beneath you is not going to suddenly burst into flames. That is not true of an EV. Out garage is directly beneath our bedroom. If I did buy an EV, there is no way I’d charge in the garage.

  3. “We have seen a concerted effort to scare people”

    Pot, Kettle. These climate politicians do nothing else. (Apart from lining their pockets)

  4. On the “anything other than battery cars more likely to catch fire” message.
    This cannot be true can it?
    If it were the media would already have been flooding us with stories of every single instance of a non battery car fire.
    Instead what we get is coverage that is a bit vague about whether the vehicle that caught fire is a battery one or not.

  5. You could ask people that have, if not skin in the game, at least money in the game. Ask the insurance companies about the risks and how much they charge EV owners for insurance against how much it would cost the same owner for a car of equal retail value.

    I have read several reports of insurance companies refusing to insure EV’s at any premium. I wonder why?

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