Jumping the Gun

I wasn’t aware that Sir Kneelalot was the PM of Israel.

Sir Keir Starmer has called for an end to the fighting in Gaza “now” as he edged towards backing demands for an immediate ceasefire.

The Labour leader, addressing the Scottish Labour conference in Glasgow, added that an offensive that Israel is said to be planning in Rafah “cannot happen” and that the area “cannot become a new theatre of war”.

While he added that a ceasefire could not be “one-sided”, he repeatedly stressed on Sunday that he wanted to see an end to hostilities immediately.

He declared: “The fighting must stop now”.

So who died and put that arsehole in charge of the IDF? Who the flying fuck does he think he is, laying down the law to another sovereign nation? Israel is doing what it needs to do to rid itself of Hamas. Any early ceasefire without absolute defeat of Hamas will merely allow the scar to heal with a festering infection underneath. Hamas needs to be completely defeated – otherwise, like the German army in 1918, they will regroup and come back for another go. Having had decades of dealing with this evil, Israel is in a position to understand what they are dealing with. Given that they are facing a foe that follows no understood rules of engagement, having a preference for infanticide and rape, Israel’s response is proportionate and total annihilation is the only valid option.

All of which is none of Kneelalot’s business and why he thinks lecturing the Scots on the matter is anyone’s guess. I would have thought the SNP is more of a concern for the Scottish Labour party.

The apparent shift in Labour’s position comes ahead of a Commons vote this week that threatened to reopen divisions over the issue.

Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, has openly demanded an immediate ceasefire, in a call which was backed by Scottish Labour delegates.

Well, I’m sure Netanyahu will give the demand all the due consideration it warrants.

He added: “Not just now, not just a pause. But permanently. A ceasefire that lasts. Conference, that is what must happen now. The fighting must stop now.

“Any ceasefire cannot be one-sided. It must stop all acts of violence, on both sides, and it must lead to a genuine peace process.

“Because the offensive threatened in Rafah – a place where 1.5 million people are now cramped together in unimaginable conditions with nowhere else for them to go – this cannot become a new theatre of war.

“That offensive cannot happen.”

Again, I’m sure that the Israeli leadership is paying close attention to this pompous, jumped up jerk telling them how to run their war.


  1. “Not just now, not just a pause. But permanently. A ceasefire that lasts.”

    So presumably if Israel let Hamas off the hook and, in a few year’s time, Hamas decide that it’s time to have another go, Hamas will relent when Sir Kneel tells them not to?

  2. “Rafah – a place where 1.5 million people are now cramped together in unimaginable conditions with nowhere else for them to go”.

    Isn’t Rafah where the border crossing with Egypt is? Won’t the Egyptians let them in?

    Maybe they are thinking of Kuwait where Palestinians supported the Saddam Hussein invasion; the Kuwaitis kicked out 300,000 Palestinians. Or Jordan where they wanted to overthrow King Hussein and caused a civil war.

    • Or what happened to Lebanon after they provided a home for Palestinian refugees following the creation of Israel

  3. I assume that Starker is demanding both sides to stop killing each other. Does anyone with an IQ above 10 think that the shitbags of Hamas will take a blind but of notice of this North London non-entity? The aim of Hamas is the complete obliteration of the state of Israel and the deaths of every Jew on the planet. Irrespective of any ‘agreement’, Hamas will use the excuse of taquiyya and continue their attacks. Only the complete eradication of this Islamic cancer may result in some form of peace.

  4. This pronouncement by Sir Kneelsalot is as meaningless as it is long winded. Just like all the wailing, screeching and carrying-on that happened in San Francisco when they had their “Vote on a ceasefire in Gaza”.

    What in God’s good name have the events in Gaza got to do with either of them? Absolutely square root of phuq all. Pointless pontificating for the sake of it.

  5. Wasn’t there already a ceasefire agreed on, until Hamas violated it? How conveniently these people forget!

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