How We Have Fallen

The men who liberated the concentration camps doubtless never imagined that their grandchildren’s generation would revive the antisemitism of the 1930s.

Police stood by as the slogan “From the river to the sea” was projected onto Parliament on Wednesday night, a senior Jewish MP has said.

Andrew Percy, a Tory backbencher, raised concerns after pro-Palestinian protesters beamed the slogan onto the Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben.

Jews in the UK are being made to feel unwelcome. Repeated Palestinian marches, week after week are going on in London. Across the continent, Jews are being hounded, in Australia they are being doxxed and the police stand by. Only a few days ago, a Jewish family had the birth certificate of their child defaced by supposed government officials. That it was a subcontractor is neither here nor there. That it happened is beyond the pale. That someone thought that it was okay to behave in this manner tells us much about what is happening in our society.

It came after Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker, sparked angry scenes on Wednesday by breaking with convention to select a Labour amendment on Gaza.

He said he had made the decision after being warned of threats to the safety of Labour MPs if they were not allowed to vote on their party’s proposal.

Thousands of pro-Palestinian activists had gathered in Parliament Square, chanting slogans that could be clearly heard in Parliament. Protesters then beamed the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” onto the Elizabeth Tower.

Yes, echoes of 1930s Germany is a perfectly apt parallel. That the police are standing by and allowing this intimidation to happen is appalling. I find myself wondering where it will lead us. The dehumanising of Jews is becoming an ever louder echo. I know that the left has always had a streak of antisemitism, but had assumed – incorrectly, it seems – that they were a small, nasty minority. What we are seeing unfold tells a different story. Two generations on and the old hatred is rearing its ugly head once more and it isn’t a tiny minority.

And the police stand by and do nothing.

Dare to point out that a woman is an adult human female and they are round like a shot to check your thinking, but intimidate Jews, well, that’s all okay.

Robert Jenrick, a former immigration minister, added: “We have allowed our streets to be dominated by Islamist extremists, and British Jews and others to be too intimidated to walk through central London week after week.

“Now we’re allowing Islamist extremists to intimidate British Members of Parliament. This is wrong. It has to stop.”

Well, if you let the fuckers in, this is what you get. Deport them.

“While there are scenarios where chanting or using these words could be unlawful depending on the specific location or context, its use in a wider public protest setting, such as last night, is not a criminal offence.”

Ah, so it isn’t hate speech when they do it.


  1. The BNP were castigated for raising this in sufficient time to do something about it. And Enoch Powell before them.
    If you bring in a fast breeding, aggressive, invasive species then you will have problems. Looks at Australia and New Zealand having to mass exterminate the vermin that is killing their native fauna.

  2. My uncle who died in 07 helped liberate Bergen Belsen and never mentioned it. I dread to think what he would have to say.

  3. Is there actually such a thing as an islamofilth “fighting age” male who is actually willing to fight?

    Not a facetious question.

    They can rape and abuse minors, treat their own women and children in ways that civilised populations wouldn’t treat lab rats, lie, cower behind the laws and generally behave in ways that would make cancer cells blush….

    But actually fight to protect gaza themselves?

    What are they scared of?

    It’s not as if they lack numbers or weapons. They don’t even have to go far.

    Just askin.

    • They will fight when they have the numbers on their side. On their own turf they appear like cockroaches when there is trouble. See cases of Police Scotland leaving Immigration officers surrounded and the Rochdale tree surgeons who were almost hacked to death for seeing off an asset teat who was berating an elderly woman driver.

  4. “the police stand by and do nothing.”

    To be fair, they stand around doing nothing on pretty much anything and everything that normal, British heritage* people want them to take action on.

    *Just because you were born in Britain (Rishi Sunak, I’m looking at you) does not mean that you have the traditions, mores and behaviour that define Britishness and therefore cannot claim to be British. Jesus was born in a stable so that makes him a horse?

  5. Just had a look. Islamofilth is 18% of the population of israel.

    Demographics is destiny, but what sort of destiny is that for the islamofilth here if every second marriage is to a first cousin?

    Being parasites on the host, take, take, take is not just the fundamental tenet if their disgusting death cult, it’s absolutely necessary given the feeble minded morons they produce.

    Say what you want about chavs, whatever else they do, they don’t inbreed on an industrial scale.

    Who – anywhere in the world – apart from islamofilth does?

    These primeval degenerates have absolutely created no go zones in quite a few places in this and other western countries. But apart from those unfortunate enough to find themselves trapped inside these filthy hell holes, why would any vaguely civilised – or completely uncivilised for that matter- human being even want to get within smelling distance of such sewers?

    I’d rather walk bollock naked into the crater of an active volcano.

    I genuinely can’t decide whether the calculated inactivity of what are euphemistically called “the farces – not aurocorrect here BTW – of law and order” in respect of such creatures is simply apathy, fear or something else.

    That something else being a desire to provoke some spontaneous reaction on the part of the demographic they hate with such a passion.

    It was unintended, but suckdick khunt and his big brother cameras seems to have actually done this.

    Seems to have gone relatively quiet on this recently (in the lamestream meeja). Obviously it’s all stopped.

    But reports of “Islamophobia” just go on and on.

    I think we should be told.

  6. Discussing this on Twitter with a police-supporting account, their supposed ‘gotcha’ was: the right whine when we go after ‘hurty words’ but now they want us to!’

    As if recent police actions against Christian street preachers and women who argue men aren’t women was the same thing as a clear and unequivocal call to genocide.

  7. The UK parliament descended into a malevolent farce in March 2020. This must surely be the worst bunch of politicians we’ve ever had, and that’s coming from a low base.

    A plague on all their houses.

  8. “While there are scenarios where chanting or using these words could be unlawful depending on the specific location or context, its use in a wider public protest setting, such as last night, is not a criminal offence.”

    It is a criminal offence and he damn well knows it is.

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