Fuck Off!

They just can’t help themselves.

China’s pneumonia outbreak has prompted a health expert to warn about the impending outbreak on Europe. The mystery respiratory illness is currently sweeping China, leaving hospitals over-run with sick children and schools closed.

There is now a worry that the outbreak has hit Europe, with the Netherlands experiencing a shocking wave of pneumonia cases among children.

People are now starting to worry that a new pandemic is on the horizon, just a few years after the Covid global pandemic started.

They loved all that control they took over Covid and haven’t recovered from the return to normality and irrelevance, so let’s whip up another panic.

Fuck off! And when you’ve done that, fuck off again and keep fucking off until we can’t hear your incessant whining and scaremongering.


  1. Experts, eh? Worth remembering that an ex- is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure….

  2. Maybe, just maybe, the clot shot has destroyed the immunity systems in their bodies so when a normal, nothing out of the ordinary flu season comes along these with compromised health succumb in vast numbers.

    Nah! It can’t be that. The “experts” assured us that the clot shot was safe and effective (until it wasn’t).

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