The trap just sprung.

Electric vehicle owners in central London are set to be charged extra to park under new rules being brought in by a Labour council.

Westminster city council has unveiled plans to overhaul its current parking charges in a bid to “encourage the use of low-polluting vehicles”.

However, the new charges could increase the cost of parking an electric vehicle for a four-hour period by as much as 1,800 per cent in some areas.

If you still think that the EV is saving the planet, this admission by Labour led councils should disabuse you of this delusion. They were never clean green and mean, they were always an anachronism – heavy, polluting, expensive and pretty useless. But like the scam to get us all to buy diesel only to pull the plug a few years later, government is now moving into the end game of stitching up the motorist so tight, that we go back to walking. That, ladies and gents, was the plan all along.

Vehicles with larger batteries are set to pay more due to having a higher carbon footprint during their construction, taking up more space and causing more wear and tear to the road.

Some of us saw through the bullshit and were aware all along that these things ware an environmental disaster in the making. But before you feel smug – well, allow yourself to feel a little bit smug, I am – this is a part of a wider front opening up in the war on the motorist and personal travel. These evil bastards won’t be happy until we are living in unheated mud huts eating raw turnips and never straying further than the village boundary. Unless they want to start a war, of course, then they will call you up to travel to some foreign field to get your guts blown all over it.


  1. I saw quite a disturbing video on youtube of motorbikes being banned in the UK in not so distant future – have you heard anything about this?

    • No. Bikes have an extension of five years for ICE. If they try to ban us en masse, they will find that there will be mass non compliance. Indeed, Network Rail found this out pretty quickly when they tried to ban motorcycle parking at Whitby station. The nab lasted less than a week.

      • non compliance from whom?
        Allowing the retarded licensing schemes over the years has whittled down the number of bikers meaning less for effective protests.

        • I teach new riders. On my own, working part time, I’m averaging two newly qualified riders a week. There are three larger schools in Bristol with another four or five in the surrounding areas. We are all busy churning out new riders. So that licencing rules creating a lack of new riders is not matched by the evidence.

          As for non compliance, we are more motivated than the average road user. If NWR hadn’t caved, Whitby would have been subject to demonstrations, whereby the carpark would have been filled with bikes.

          If they tried to ban us, we would be out on mass rides in our thousands defying them.

  2. Hopefully the poor misguided fools who have bought these toys, thinking that marks them out as part of some moral elite, will realise that they are regarded as cattle just like the rest of us.

    Not holding my breath, but it is a remote possibility!

  3. There has never been a plan in place to make a transition from ICE vehicles to electric for personal transport. Apart from a few charging stations here and there, there has been no upgrading of the power supply and infrastructure. The massive upgrades required would need to be starting now if the plan was to have any chance of being carried through. Of course non of our wise leaders have the remotest idea of how anything works, so they think that they can make stuff happen just by passing a few more new laws.

    Meanwhile, a third electric bus went up in flames a couple of weeks ago. I believe the things have been taken off the road while the problem is investigated. Had they not been I suspect that the whole fleet would have fried by now.

  4. There’s one category that won’t be expected to walk, of course…

    At least the Politburo just swept past the proles in their Zil Lanes, they didn’t expect the proles to get off the road altogether!

  5. When I read “…Labour council. Westminster city council…” I had to actually go and check Wikipedia and Westminster City Council’s website. WTactualF? *Westminster* council?

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